character heel

Sweeter than chocolate.

The first look! One of a number Jelly Bunny designs hopping into stores and online on Friday the 31st of March at 12 pm!At the end of a rainbow lies a springtime delight of a concept heel, featuring a glittering rainbow and bow embellished cloud scene with floral embroidery, sequin edging and a super cute PU resin bunny rabbit heel.Take a closer lo


Be carried along on a platform wave into the realm of mythical creatures where you will be mesmerised by our Irregular mermaid. Featuring Iridescent uppers, embroidery, fabric and woven materials that all emulate the seas natural beauty.Mermaid heels splashing in stores and online Friday 12pm (UK time)

Swan Heels Are HERE!

The moment you have all been waiting for! The first "Character Heel" for Autumn Winter 2016 is here and its absolutely stunning!Look pretty as a princess in our other worldly Swan Heels featuring a gold glitter crown and bow as well as fluffy flocked plumage.There are many more amazing styles and colours in this concept heel to suit every

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