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Hello and welcome to our help pages. These pages provide assistance and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Whilst we have tried to give as much information as possible we appreciate you are as individual as our shoes and one size doesn't fit all. If you can't find the answer to your question feel free to email us at



Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions


Quick Links to Key Subjects




Signing Up / Members Area / Old Website

Do I need to sign up?

Naturally you can browse our site at any time without needing to register your details.


Signing up for an account will enable you to order without having to re-enter your contact details each time you shop, and provides benefits such as order tracking, email offers, newsletters as well as the ability to view members only content. (Click here to sign up)


How do I sign up for the Irregular Choice Newsletter?

The easiest way to sign up for our newsletter is to become a member of the Irregular Choice website, by doing this you will also be ready to shop.

Alternatively, you can (click here) and sign up to the newsletter only.


We may also pass on our mailing list to selected companies that we believe may sell relevant products that you may be interested in.  


Members Area

Once you have signed up, you will be able to log into the members area any time you want. This is where you go if you want to change your password or email address find delivery info or even download cool stuff.


If you haven't visited us in a while, it's worth checking the members area to make sure all your details are up to date and of course to check for new download content.


Web Site Pre March 2009

E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd, was the company who ran the irregular choice web site until the earlier part of 2009.


E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd owned the site and all of the products they sold as well as the customer database, they did however have the rights to use our brand name, this in turn meant that any usernames and passwords you used to access the site prior to the start of March 2009 will have been deleted.  This therefore means you now need to create new user names and passwords.


We put a holding page on the site whilst we developed a new site and gave people the opportunity to obtain a 10% discount of their first pair of shoes bought from the new web site under our control.  The site is now fully owned and operated by Design Asylum Retail Ltd. the parent company of Irregular Choice. 


The discount code we offered was only issued once we launched our own site and naturally was only a code for our site.  The site did have a few problems and had to be closed for a week whilst further work was carried out and we appreciate this caused confusion.  But the discount code was valid until the end of August on our site.


Further to this old Irregular Choice vouchers or credit notes are not accepted on our site and E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd took the commitment to deal with any credit notes outstanding.  E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd and Design Asylum Retail are completely different companies and therefore the liability of refund remains with E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd the company you bought your shoes from initially.


E-Commerce Management Partners Ltd was officially dissolved as a company 15th June 2010.



Product Information

Do you have a size guide?

Naturally we want you to buy the right size, so please check out the sizing conversion information below.


Shoe Size Measurement Convertor


European sizes












UK sizes












American sizes












Japanese sizes













European sizes








UK sizes








American sizes








Japanese sizes









Irregular Choice is graded using Euro sizes only

Only Euro sizes are stamped on the shoe.  The Shoe box, however, has dual sizes displayed, i.e Euro / USA size


Where can I find the heel height measurements?

Heel heights given, are an approximate measurement taken from the outside of the heel and are a guide only. All measurements are in centimeters (cm) and they can be found on the product page. For conversion to inches please see conversion chart below.




































































Heel heights are measured in centimetres (cm) from the outside of the heel tip to the footbed.


Heel Tips

Heels are a feature of fashion footwear.  This means that the heel tips are correspondingly small.  The heel tips used by our factories are made to the recommended hardness to ensure good wear quality and yet not too hard to cause slip problems.  Given the nature and size of the heel tips, they will wear down depending on wear.  Also it is not uncommon that they may come off during wear.  Replace these a.s.a.p.  We recommend that heel tips are also replaced before they wear down to ensure that the heels are not damaged. 



We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products shown on the web site. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. 


I need more information about a product!

We have tried to put in as much info as possible, so that you can make an informed decision on the product you wish to buy. Our product pages include a full product description, sizes available and several images showing the key features of our shoes. If you need to know anything else that we have not covered please contact us at and we will try to give you the appropriate answer.


A product is showing as out of stock, will you be selling it again?

We know there is nothing worse than the item that you want being out of stock.  Unfortunately we have to discontinue some styles to keep our product range fresh and exciting, If the product you want has sold out or is no longer available it will where possible have a small icon displaying (email when in stock).  Simply click on this icon leave your email address in the pop up and if that product comes back into stock then we will email you straight away.


I’ve seen your advertising, but can’t find the product?

Just type the name of the item or its code into the search box at the top of each page, and it will take you straight to the product page.  Alternatively look through our press section; if the product is in there, simply click on it and you will be taken to the correct page.  If you can't find it, or you're not sure what you're looking for, please contact us at with as many details as you can remember and we will have a look for you.


I’ve seen a product on a celebrity and I want to buy it

Type in a celebrity’s name in the search function and every image we hold showing them wearing our products will appear, You can then click on the products to buy them.







All prices for goods and services delivered within the European Union include VAT where applicable. The VAT charged will be either VAT in the country of delivery (rates will vary by country but our prices remain unchanged) or UK VAT.   

For goods and services delivered outside the European Union VAT is not charged although the price shown on the website remains unchanged.



How do I pay for my order?

Payments may be made by credit or debit card, as well as PayPal.  We currently accept payment by the following cards: Visa Credit Card, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Debit and American Express. Some credit and debit cards are subject to validation and authorisation by both the card issuer and us.  This is to help maintain security and prevent fraud


Can I pay with a cheque?

Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.


What currencies can I use?

You can pay using UK Pound Sterling (GBP) or Euro's if on the UK website, US dollars if in the USA or Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)


When do you take payment?

We authorise your payment as soon as you submit your order.  At this stage we reserve the funds but don’t physically take any money.  We only physically take payment when we have sent you an email confirming we have dispatched your goods.


My Payment has not been authorised

As we do not retain your payment details you will need to re-enter these if you think that you have made a mistake, or use an alternative payment method.  Please remember also that even if a payment is not authorised some card issuers still reserve the money, meaning you can’t access those funds for a short period.


Is it safe to order online?

Our systems are safer than ever.  Firstly our servers never store any of your payment details.   All of your payment details are either securely handled by Sage Pay or PayPal.  This means that we never see your payment details, unless of course you place an order over the telephone.


Is Sage Pay PCI Compliant?

Sage Pay is fully approved as a Level 1 compliant provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is the highest level of compliance that can be achieved. Sage Pay were audited by an independent third party company, Trustwave, who are an official Visa Qualified Security Assessor. For further information on Sage Pay security please follow the links below.


Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure) are the latest fraud prevention initiatives launched by Visa and MasterCard.  3D Secure works in a similar way to Chip and Pin, by asking you to enter a unique password in order to complete your online order.


How does Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode work?

If you’re used to shopping online, using and trusting Verified by Visa / MasterCard will come as second nature. Using Verified by Visa, your Visa card will work just as it does now. It will also work with online retailers who are not yet offering the Verified by Visa service.

It’s this simple to sign up:

Sign up for the service with the bank or organisation that issues your Visa card following this link: Choose a password and a personal message When you’ve signed up, you can shop at any online retailers offering Verified by Visa.






Discount Codes

From time to time (mainly on our Newsletters), we will publish a discount code that offers some form of saving.  This may be a discount off your order, reduced postage costs, or a combination of both. Discounts cannot be used at the same time as any other web promotions or on products that are already discounted.


How do I get a discount code?

By signing up as a member or simply selecting to receive our newsletter we will email you when a new code has been launched. Irregular choice also uses a variety of different advertising mediums where from time to time we may publish a discount code. All of our vouchers will have a set of attached terms and conditions such as, the value of the discount, how long its valid for, how many times it can be used.


How do I use my discount code?

Make sure you type your code into the appropriate box when you check out, and hit submit to apply it to your order. If you forget to apply the code at this stage, we won’t be able to apply it later on.


Forgot to use my code!

Oops, we are sorry but once your order has been submitted to us we are unable to apply a discount code.  You may however be able to use it on another order subject to the terms and conditions published with the voucher.


How do discount codes affect a returned order?

If you used a discount code when placing your original order, your refund amount will be adjusted to reflect this. Unfortunately, we can't reissue a discount code, even if your original order is returned to us.


Can I apply my NUS discount?

At present we are unable to apply NUS discount.




Irregular Choice Points


If you are signed up as a member of the Irregular Choice website, you can save points with every order that you place online. Our points system came into place on the 12th May 2011 at 8.30am and does not apply to any orders placed before this date and time.

For every £1 or $1 that you spend with us on our website we will give you ONE Irregular Choice point, this will go directly into your customer account.

You can then save points as redeem them as discount against future purchases.

Terms and Conditions apply

  • Each point is worth 0.0075p
  • Points are only for full price products and do not apply when purchasing sale items, gift vouchers, gift wrap service, delivery charges
  • Your points will show as pending in your account after your item has been shipped and you will be able to redeem them 21 days after this
  • If you return an item then we will deduct any points against the value of the returned goods
  • If you are redeeming points on an order then you will not earn any points with this purchase
  • Points can only be earnt and redeemed on the Irregular Choice website. They are not transferrable into our stores.
For further details or if you have any further questions please contact our customer service on


Gift Vouchers


You currently only have the option of buying an online gift voucher.  We can accept store gift vouchers online. To enable your voucher for online use please contact Customer Service ( If you have purchased a voucher online, you may present this at any Irregular Choice store. Gift vouchers are not accepted at any of our concession stores. We will issue your voucher as a code either by post or via e.mail.


Can I return items that were bought using a gift voucher?

Yes, your right to return an item remains exactly the same regardless of whether you bought it with a gift voucher, a payment card, or a combination of the two. For your convenience, we’ll refund anything you paid for with your debit/credit card or PayPal first, and then send you a new gift voucher for any credit you are owed.


Returning an unwanted gift voucher?

Unfortunately this is not possible.


Can I use a discount code or another gift voucher to buy a gift voucher?

Unfortunately this is not possible.


Can I use a discount code and a gift voucher together on one order?

Yes, you can use one discount code and a gift vouchers on any order.


Can I buy gift vouchers along with other items in my basket?

Of course, we want you to be able to buy anything you want; we may, however, send your gift voucher before despatching your other items.


How do I use my gift voucher?

At the checkout if you have a gift voucher in your members area you will be asked if you wish to use this.  To use a gift voucher that someone has sent you means you have to sign up with us and register your contact details.


How do I check how much credit I have left on my gift voucher?

By logging into the member’s area you will be able to view the balance of all unused gift vouchers. You can even transfer this balance to another member if you so wish.


What do I do if my gift voucher is lost, illegible or damaged?

All of our web site gift vouchers are stored on your account so that you don’t need to try and find them, they won't get damaged. You can also transfer these to a friend or colleague by clicking the transfer button when you’re viewing your gift voucher.


What do I do if my voucher has not been received?

All of our website vouchers are added automatically to your members area.  If they don’t show up please email us so we can investigate for you.


Can I cancel a gift voucher?

Unfortunately it is only possible to cancel a gift voucher in accordance with our cancellation policy and within 7 working days. The voucher must be returned to us at your cost if a paper voucher.


Can I transfer the balance of my voucher to someone else’s account?

Yes this is entirely possible and simple to do. Simply log into the members area and view your gift vouchers.  You will then be given the option to transfer gift vouchers.  Once you have transferred the voucher it will have left your account and there is no way of canceling this transfer, so please make sure you really want to give it away.


Do I have to use my entire voucher at once?

No, you can use as much or as little of a gift voucher as you wish. A new voucher code will be issued for any remaining balance.


What happens if the items in my basket total more than my gift voucher amount?

The gift voucher will be deducted from your shopping basket then you can pay the remaining balance by card or PayPal.


What should I do if I can’t remember the email address of the person I’m transferring the gift voucher to?

Unfortunately if you can’t remember someone’s email address then we are unable to accept your transfer request. Please always check the email address is correct before transferring out your gift voucher.  Alternatively you could send them one of our paper gift vouchers that work in our stores.




My Order


Has my order been shipped?

As soon as we have dispatched your order you will receive 2 emails from us.  The first to tell you that your order has been processed and dispatched.  At this stage we take payment from your credit / debit card.  The second email you will receive will be from our courier company providing you with a tracking number.


Tracking my order?

You can track your order by logging into your member’s area.  You can see what stage we are at in the dispatch process at any time by logging into the member’s area and looking at your order history.  You can also track delivery of your order by following the link in the email sent by the courier company.


Changing my order?

Once your order has been confirmed as shipped, it is not possible for you to change it.


Cancelling my order?

Under the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to cancel your order for any item purchased from Irregular Choice, for a refund.

You must cancel your order in writing via our online returns form which you will find by logging into your Irregular Choice account. This must be done within 7 working days of the day after you receive the goods.

If we have already processed and shipped your order, you will need to return the order to us.


Part of my order is missing.

Sometimes it is not possible to send everything you've ordered at the same time or in the same parcel.  Please check your delivery note or dispatch emails to see if any of your items will be arriving separately before contacting us.

If an item is missing from the delivery and the dispatch notes say it should be with you, please get in touch with us at Let us know the Order Number and the Product Code or Product Name of the item you wanted, and we'll look into it and sort out the problem for you.

Most of the time we will be able to send you the item that we forgot to send, but on the rare occasion when this isn't possible, we'll refund the money you paid for it.


You have made a mistake with my order.

We are really sorry.  Obviously mistakes should not happen, but we are human and with the best will in the world now and again things do go wrong.  If we have made a mistake we will rectify it as quickly as possible.  Simply let us know at and we will be in touch ASAP.


Why are your website prices sometimes different to those in stores?

We try to make a great range of shoes available to you.  Our high street and on-line business work in different ways. For this reasons you may sometimes find that products on our Web site are priced differently to those on the high street.




Delivery Information


Which courier company does Irregular Choice use?

The most appropriate courier will be chosen dependant on your order, the time we dispatch your order and the courier availability in your area. Irregular choice will use one of the following carriers, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, City Link or a suitable alternative.


Can I send my order to my work address?

Our system allows you to select different delivery address.  This can include your work address and in fact it has been proven that by giving your work address deliveries are made quicker.


Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver to lots of different countries, including the UK, Europe, North America and other selected international destinations. You can see the full list of countries we deliver to by ( clicking here)

Unfortunately if your country is not on the list, we cannot currently deliver to it.

If you are located in the USA or Canada then you will need to place your order on the USA website. Please make sure that you have selected the USA flag at the top right corner of the shop pages.


Do I have to pay customs and import charges?

Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. The recipient of the parcel must pay these charges. Unfortunately we have no control over these charges, and cannot tell you what the cost would be as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.  It may be a good idea to contact your local customs office for current charges before you order.


Delivering to a PO Box address.

Unfortunately, we can’t to ship to PO Box addresses for security reasons.


BFPO addresses?

There is no problem in us shipping to BFPO addresses.  

All BFPO addresses must be registered as UK, rather than the country where you are posted. Royal Mail will then deliver the parcel to the British Forces Post Office in London. It then becomes the responsibility of the British Forces to deliver your parcel to the correct location.

We are unable to ship orders over 2Kg to BFPO addresses, so please split large orders and order heavy items separately.


Delivering to a hotel.

We can only deliver to a hotel if it is your permanent residence, or your place of employment.


My order has been returned to the sender. Will I have to pay to have it posted back out?

If we have shipped your order and there was no one at the specified address to receive the parcel. If the parcel has been returned to us we make a charge to resend any items.


My order has been returned to sender but I no longer want it. 

If you have confirmed that you no longer want the order it will take a further 3-5 working days for the funds to be available in your account (excluding the postage charge).


How much do you charge for postage?

We offer a number of delivery options when you shop with us online.  These include: standard, next day, before 12 and International services. At the checkout page you will be able to select the service that meets your needs.


When will my order be sent?

Any orders placed up to 15:00, Monday to Friday will be processed and where possible despatched the same day.  Orders placed on a weekend or after 15:00 will be processed on the next working day.


I need my order really quickly

If you need your order really quickly please contact us at and we will see what we can do for you.






How do I return an item?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item or items to us in their original condition* within 14 days of receipt. We will issue a refund on receipt, or exchange the item for a different size / colour if preferred. We offer a free returns service for customers in the UK.

Please note:

  • The item is your responsibility until it reaches us. For your own protection, we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods.
  • The parcel can take up to 7 working days to be returned to our Warehouse, unless sent via special delivery.



Please complete the form on the back of your invoice and return your order to :

Irregular Choice

Unit C-E New England House

New England Road


BN1 4GE 






Online Returns to Stores

Items purchased online in the UK can be refunded or exchanged for items of the same value or above (with additional charge) in any Irregular Choice store within the UK. The return must be made within 14 days of receipt and have the original Irregular Choice invoice as proof of purchase. Items that have been exchanged in store are then under the return policy of that store and cannot be returned for a refund.

If your item is faulty, then this must be returned to the original place of purchase.


You may return to either one of our UK Stores :

Irregular Choice, 35 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 7DP. Telephone 0207 484 4811

Irregular Choice, 38 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD. Telephone 01273 777120


Store Returns

You may return a store purchase to our website however the store refund policy will apply.




I have received a faulty item

If the item you received is faulty, please contact us on or telephone our customer service team on (+44) 1273 733 869 quoting your order number, your name and address, details of the product and the reason for return, and whether you require a refund or a replacement. We will then advise on how to proceed with the return. You have 30 days from receipt of the faulty item to return it to us.

Have you received my return?

As soon as our warehouse has processed your return, we'll email you to let you know. In the unlikely event that you don't receive this email within 10 days of posting your parcel to us, please get in touch with us at and we'll look into it.


If you have returned your parcel using Recorded Delivery or another service that can be tracked, please give us the reference number when you contact us.





When will I receive my exchange?

We will process your replacement item within 3 days of receiving your parcel, and email to let you know we have received and processed it. We'll then email you again when your replacement order is on its way to you.

If we can't send your requested replacement item, we will refund the amount you paid to your account. If this happens, we'll email to let you know.

We can only exchange an item for a different size or colour of the same item (the price must be the same as the original item). If you want an entirely different product, you'll need to return the unwanted item for a refund and place a new order for the item that you want.


When will I receive my refund?

We will process a refund within 3 days of receiving your parcel, and email to let you know we have received and processed it.

After you've received your email, please allow another 5-10 working days for the refund to be credited to your account. The amount of time this takes will depend on which bank or card issuer you're with, and we have no control over it.

We will credit your refund by the same method you used when you placed your order. If we can't do this (i.e. if the card has been declined, cancelled or has expired), we'll send a cheque to your billing address.


You have refunded me the wrong amount

If you think you have been refunded the wrong amount please contact quoting your order number and the amount you believe you should be refunded and we’ll deal with it as a priority.

Please note the following may affect your refund: delivery charges are only refundable if the goods are faulty and a refund is made.

If a discount was applied to your original order, and the refund of a returned item means that the original discount would no longer apply, the amount refunded will be adjusted to reflect this.


Delivery Charge

Returns are free for UK customers. We do not cover the cost of the returns from outside of the UK..

If you are returning items because you have changed your mind, this will be at your own cost, and we can't refund your postage. However, if we sent you the wrong item or something faulty, just contact us at


I have lost my returns note

Don’t worry your returns number is stored in your members area; simply log in to retrieve it.  A new returns note can be downloaded by (clicking here)




Technical Problems


Signing into my account

In order to shop with us, you have to either create an account, (which takes only a couple of minutes), or we ask you to sign in to an existing account.  If for some reason you find you are unable to sign in please make sure you are using the email address you signed up with and the password you set.  

If you can't remember your password, just type your email address in to the 'Forgotten your Password' box on the sign-in page, and we'll send you a new one.  Any passwords in our system are encrypted securely so we are unable to retrieve it for you.

You can change your password at any time by logging into the member’s area using your email address and following the links. If you have forgotten the email address that you signed up with please contact us at and we will try to help you.


I am not receiving any emails or newsletters from you

Now we don’t want that do we!  One of the most common reasons may be because your email software is marking emails from us as junk mail, and we may be sending them to your spam folder. To stop this from happening, please add “newsletter@irregularchoice” to your email address book.

If you checked this and are still not getting our great newsletter, make sure you typed in the right email address when you signed up with us. Just sign into your account to verify.  If you can't remember the address you typed in get in touch with us at and we'll do our best to sort it out for you.


Something else technical

We hate to think of you having problems with our site.  We always recommend you have the latest updates for your operating system as we test our sites on these.

If, however, you are still experiencing problems using our site, please feel free to get in touch with us at and we will try to help.

To help us look into your problem please try to include as many of the following details as possible:
your operating system, internet browser, what time the problem occurred

Please also cut and paste into the email any error message that appeared on the screen.





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Shoes, clothes, bags and boxes can all be recycled.  Recycling areas are often found in most supermarket forecourts. 

There are many charities that will gladly accept used shoes and clothing.  It is not fair for us to list lots of different charities, as each charity is just as important as another.  Simply walk down your local high street and we are sure you will find a great charity looking for donations.






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