Urban Summer by Nina Mašić-Lizdek

Urban Summer Shoes- Dotty Love
Scena2 copy Shoes- Petal Fever
Scena3 copy Shoes- Scottie Dog
Scena4 copy Shoes- Hearts On The Line
Scena5 copy Shoes- Snapple
Scena6 copy Shoes- Georgia Rose

Young photographer and artist Nina Mašić-Lizdek recently presented her newest editorial called Urban Summer. The editorial was casual joint project in which Nina invited particular professionals and creative people from Bosnia and Herzegovina fashion scene thus offering the opportunity to present their creations and skills. This resulted with photography editorial which features the collection of Irregular Choice shoes via Metaphysika representatives and the dresses created by fashion designer  Milan Senić.

Following the concept of “Urban Summer” she placed the model Merima Ramadanović into urban surrounding lifted with bright lights and esoteric atmosphere as a reminder of summer. Sanjin Egon polished everything with his makeup art strokes and hair style signature.


- Concept of the “Urban Summer” intends to place all creations into urban summer scenes edging between soft and sharp, minimalistic and monumental forms. We wanted to give to each individual participant its particular visual space at the photography where their unique creations would stand out, so on one side we have very simple and minimalistic creations by Milan emits geometrical, clear cut style and elegancy which with its neutral aura allows that the shoes with the vivid textures and colours fully stand out, says Nina Mašić-Lizdek.


Goran Lizek, gave the final touch to the ambient of the editorial, he modeled all of the scenes so this project also stepped into the field of computer generated graphic.  


Model_Merima Ramadanović

Photography_Nina Mašić-Lizdek

CGI & retouch_Goran Lizdek

Clothes_Milan Senić

Shoes_Irregular choice

MOA and hair_Sanjin Egon