Q&A with a chocolate artist - about shoes!

We love sharing the work of creative and irregular artists on our Instagram and when we discovered the amazing work of Moran Etstein, we wanted to find out more!

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Tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Moran Etstein and I create a fantasy world that is made entirely from chocolate. My edible chocolate fashion includes marvellous collections of high heel chocolate shoes!


When did you start creating art pieces from chocolate?

It was about five years ago that I fell in love with chocolate. It all started in my small kitchen in Astoria, Queens, where I began to make delicious sweets. I soon discovered the fantastic world of chocolate!

While I was experimenting, I began to create art out of chocolate clay, or chocolate dough. Chocolate dough is a great material to work and create with and I gradually learned to adapt to its “personality” and to master it on a professional level.

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The designs of my chocolate shoes are not copied from a brand, they are all original creations. However, the great inspiration definitely should be credited to Irregular Choice who moves me and drives me to get out of my comfort zone and be bold.

When I’m constantly exposed to and stimulated by brands like Irregular Choice, it makes my process of work very adventurous and fun. My work never bores me.

How long does the process take and how long do the pieces last for?

The size and details will determine the length of time it will take to complete each piece. A high heel chocolate shoe will usually take about five to six hours to work on.  Moulding, spraying, drying, layering and putting all the pieces together create an overall intricate design.

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What inspires your art?

I follow Irregular Choice on a regular basis on social media, and it acts as a constant inspiration for my work. The influence by Irregular Choice is reflected and expressed in my work, not necessarily by the designs of my shoes but definitely in the craziness, boldness, daring and spectacular designs I create. The idea of making it different and irregular is my biggest inspiration.


What do you love most about Irregular Choice? 

This brand represents for me what I love about art.

I love exceptional creativity and I love things that don’t make sense. I love when people express their personality in unique and original styles. People like this fill me with the creative energy and give me a spectacular inspiration for the process I am going through as a creator.

The “irregular” concept makes perfect sense to me with this meticulous harmony of colours, objects and patterns that are put into one pair of shoes. The surprising and imaginative designs and the unconventional crazy style- they all exist in these shoes.

Irregular Choice creates a world full of fantasy that not only stimulates my mind but moves me to think outside the box when I work on my chocolate shoes.

You can follow Moran's amazing work on Instagram here!

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