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  • Aisling McNamara
    Aisling McNamara March 24, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Hello Irregular choice!
    My name is Aisling McNamara. I’m an eighteen year old girl living in the west of Ireland. Last month, I applied to the Limerick School of Art and Design, A college located close to where I live, and also where I have been dreaming to study since I can remember. (If you saw the building you would understand, it looks like Hogwarts). Among many things, LSAD is noted for its courses in fashion Design, the area which I hope to get involved in after I have completed my first year studying there :)
    As part of my application, along with submitting a portfolio of my work, I had a writing assignment to complete. Reading the title, I knew immediately that I had to write about the fashion brand that I was most bonkers about, Irregular choice!
    I will leave my assignment below for you to read. Beginning my journey into the study of Art and Design, I am becoming more and more aware that courageousness is one of the key qualities needed to produce good work. I have no doubt that the talented people of Irregular choice have buckets of this. I do hope ye realize that what ye are doing and what you will continue to do is not only significant, but magical.
    Best wishes,
    Aisling x
    P.S I scored 540/600 from my portfolio application to LSAD, giving me a place for the first year programe ,which I will be attending this September :)!

    Please name a contemporary Artist or Designer that you consider to be of global importance. Include an image (a good quality photocopy or print out) of a work by this artist/designer and in no more than 150 words explain why you think this work is significant.

    Irregular Choice, a fashion brand specializing in unusual footwear was founded by designer Dan Sullivan.
    The footwear shown are part of the brand’s Spring/Summer wedding collection 2015.
    The heels are entitled ‘I love you ‘. What attracted me first to this particular design was the eye catching, illustrious bride and groom figures that structure the mid heel.
    The palette used for the design to me, screams fun and courageous with daring fuchsia and faint gold sequins accentuating the sense of glamor and extravagance.
    These heels are saturated with undiluted components yet, the blushing bride is propelled into the center of focus with her bouquet of pink roses matching the fuchsia used in the main body of the shoe, as well as her gown coordinating with the white blossom pattern.
    The heels channel sweetness and courageousness whilst being affectionate and transparent to the theme of true love. The designers admirable refusal to be subtle in their designs allow for their foot wear to be as memorable and significant as it is.

  • Teresa

    I just love the shoes - BUT - I've got bunions. Are any of these shoes wide enough for my feet with bunions??

  • Ellaboo

    I am soooooooooooooooo inlove and check your website all the time! searching high and low for your shows anywhere i can see them. I have a collection dedicated to irregular choice on my ebay page but even tho I have a passion, I always seem to miss out on the shoes I want! always being out of stock in size 5, iv been wanting to buy a pair of your heels now for over 3 years! .. i keep ending up with funky trainers from the different ranges you stock along side ..... when will I finally get the hills that iv been dreaming of!!!!!


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