valissa yoe

New York photoshoot featuring Irregular Choice

We have just been given some images of a photoshoot that took place out in New York taken by photographer Yura Liamin. The stylist for the shoot was Valissa Yoe and the model wore Irregular Choice Galacti. Valissa featured in Time Out as one of New Yorks most stylish, she also wore Irregular Choice for that photoshoot.

Irregular Choice in Tokyo TV photoshoot

Stylist Valissa Yeo used Irregular Choice Galacti boots and No Place Like Home heels in a shoot for Tokyo TV. View stills from the shoot and the video on the link below....//

Valissa Yoe in Time Out Most Stylish New Yorkers

Stylist Valissa Yoe recently did a photoshoot for the Time Out feature Most Stylish New Yorkers.She wore two pairs of Irregular Choice for the shoot, her Irregular Choice Flashing Lights and Irregular Choice Spatz boots.You can read the article on the link below.//

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