Irregular Choice Vegetarian Shoe Range

Due to a growing demand for shoes that contain non leather or animal based products, Irregular Choice have created a vegetarian shoe range on the online store.

All shoes, boots, bags and accessories that are 100% manmade are now highlighted within the ladies and mens collection with a "V". There is also an option within the Personal Shopper function of the website to filter out all styles within the collection.

Some of the great styles to be included within this range are :


12 thoughts on “Irregular Choice Vegetarian Shoe Range”

  • Tatiana

    I've been waiting for non-leather IC shoes for ages!! I'm so n love with these shoes, but am not able to buy them because I am a vegetarian.
    Thank you!

    I'm not sure the personal filter "V" thing is working though. Nothing shows up when this filter is on.

  • admin

    I've just checked Personal Shopper and the filter is working. You need to go through the tabs and select what you are looking for, tick as many boxes as you can and all products that have the V displayed will appear.

  • Dunja

    wow, finally :D this is really great great news! hope the range of veggy shoes will increase as well! best regards!

  • Dunja

    wow, finally! :D great great news! you should tweet about it!

  • Dunja

    ups, sorry for a double comment - i didn't know my previous one was awaiting moderation!

  • admin

    The veggie range is due to increase for SS10 as there are some great styles due in that are fabric including Flick Flack and the ICED range. Three new ICED styles were added to the site today, infact just about to blog about it here!

  • Elana

    Fabulous, gorgeous and fun shoes! Wish there were an easy way to find out which was are "V" (websites don't list them). Some vendors respond that the particular shoe is man-made (when i inquiry) and other vendor will say same shoes is leather. As a vegan, I only purchase non-animal products. Hope you'll do more shoes and make it easier to find/determine!! Please, please, would LOVE to be your shoes!

  • Marie-Claire

    I thought the "Scottie Dog" heels were vegetarian. They are under that category at least. Here's the link:

    Odd they wouldn't mention these, unless their is something they are not saying on the website.

  • Nathan


    Have you stopped doing vegetarian shoes or stopped marking them? when I select "vegetarian" the number of shoes drops from 175 to 0.

    Would love you to do some I could get for my wife but I won't be buying non-veggie ones.

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