Irregular Choice Sunday Morning on Fab Sugar website review

Fab Sugar have recently reviewed the great new flat Spring Summer 2010 style Irregular Choice Sunday Morning.

Irregular Choice Sunday Morning is part of the new Spring Summer collection that has taken off with a great success! More new arrivals in the Irregular Choice collection can be viewed online now!

To view the article click the link below ......

Irregular Choice on Fab Sugar

4 thoughts on “Irregular Choice Sunday Morning on Fab Sugar website review”

  • laetitia

    hello, the models that I like the new collection will not until size 42 / 43.when you will receive this shoe ?

  • LW

    Hi there IC. I tried to send this to you by your lovely contact me box but it crashed on sending. Sorry. It's connected to your article - ish!

    I am a long time convert to your shiny dazzle of shoes, which continue to bring gasps and aaahhs and little sighs to all (women) who see them.

    A few years ago you had a summer shoe call Riff Raff. It was girlie and gothy, it was violent if you looked close enough, it was a secret of ruffle and skulls (not spiders). I missed the order and it was then gone forever.

    Every spring since, I search the net looking for a pair of lovely size 6's. Every spring I hope beyond hope you've replenished this range and brought it back for all who missed it. Every spring I am disappointed.

    When a pair turns up on Ebay they're called RARE. Blogs refer to them in links and news and excited kitteny yearnings.

    Why are they rare? Why haven't you brought them back?

    I want to give you money and wear the best looking summer shoes on Earth.

    Please bring them back, find me a pair, send me a link, or even just reply saying next year, maybe next year?


    Example A:

  • admin


    We do from time to time bring back update versions of older styles that have been popular, we will definitely add this to our list!


  • admin


    Not all of the shoes have been available in 42/43's we are receiving new stock regularly so please keep checking the site.

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