Audrey Kitching and her Irregular Choice Bunny Bag!

Audrey Kitching is spotted with her brand new Irregular Choice Bunny Bag in her latest blog post....

Audrey Kitching


3 thoughts on “Audrey Kitching and her Irregular Choice Bunny Bag!”

  • REG Luna

    love your glasses..i think you are one of the best i ever seen :) love your hair ..keep going dont let the pink of your hair get up of the brain, kisses¨:]

  • Erin

    I looooove this bag! They were sold out everywhere and I kept my name on the wishlist in the Lafayette store and finally got a call because they restocked! Please make more of the animal bags. I can't get enough! See my post about it here Irregular Choice is all over my blog!

    • admin

      Contact the Lafayette Street store direct on as I am sure they have some! xoxo

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