Irregular Choice in Julia Goldstern Photoshoot

Julia Goldstern recently appeared in our Irregular Choice sequin snood and sid scarf fora promotional shoot
Unicorn by Felix Hild & Julia Goldstern
She is currently working on her first Album, signed with Universal Music Germany/Polystar. She is also preparing her next Single and the forthcoming live program right now. Her current Single which is released as the anthem for Germanys most popular dance Compilation "Future Trance". Target audience is commercial based in the Dance/Pop field with latest influences.

It was promoted in the TV Campaign, Radio and in a special Promo in all "New Yorker" Fashion Stores in Germany.


Julia Goldstern is a vocal performing artist and writer from Berlin, Germany. Coming from a musicians family she was always surrounded by music, art and performance. 
Since her first steps as a child in various theatre plays and music functions-to her training at Abraxas Musical Academy/Filmactingschool and acting classes in Los Angeles -she’s been steadily improving 
her craft and making a name for herself.

As backstagereport-presenter of Germanys most popular musicshow "The Dome" she also presented her own web-show "The Dome Schoolattack" to the audience.
Her very first single “Shine like Gold” was released at the Universal Music Compilation "The Dome Vol. 50"

For her second single "Don´t stop" famous dance producer Jens Kindervater aka Michael Mind featured the young lady to create a nice summerdance track which was released at the "Dome Summer" 2011
and internationally via YAWA Records.
In 2012 she achieved to be the anthem of Germanys most popular Trance/Hands-Up Compilation "Future Trance" (Universal Music) 
Classically trained in the Performing Arts, Goldstern is a truly versatile artist, as she is constantly presenting more talents like being a comedian for "Broken Comedy" PRO7, Stand-up Comedy or acting for various TV Shows and cinema, like in Oscar nominated directors Marjane Satrapis second movie "Chicken with Plums".
She sharped her profile in the past couple of years and kept now fans waiting in anticipation for her next release.

For the time being she is doing co-writes with credible electro/dance producers throughout Europe and is working on her debut album. Goldstern is writing and creating her own, unique style for a clubsound and forthcoming liveshow which can not be compared with others or put into a box.
Whether her music hits you with catchy hooks or her sexy voice and danceable sounds, Julia Goldstern makes everybody want to dance and feel sexy while doing it!