Irregular Choice Photoshoot by Charlotte Elizabeth

Photographer Charlotte Elizabeth has created the most beautiful Mad Hatters Tea Party inspired shoot for us.

Check out some of the lovely images below.

From Left: Bag: Lunch Box, Shoes: Phoenix, Bag: Deery Me, Shoes: Fawn, Shoes: Gulliver, Bag: Lunch Box

From Left: Bracelet: Skully, Ring: Hopping Mad, Bag: Deery Me, Ring: Lucky Lady
From the Left:  Bag: Deery Me,  Shoes: Pinky Perky, Bag: Lunch Box,  Shoes: Disco Bunny, Shoes: Gulliver, Shoes: Fawn, Bag: Lunch Box
From the Left:   Shoes: Fawn, Shoes: Pinky Perky, Shoes: Frozen In Time
From the Left:   Shoes: Pinky Perky,  Bag: Lunch Box,   Shoes: Gulliver
From The Left: Bag: Lunch Box, Shoes: Fawn,  Shoes:  Pinky Perky, Bag: Lunch Box, Shoes: Frozen In Time
Bag: Deery Me,  Shoes: Gulliver
 Shoes: Gulliver
From the Left:   Shoes: Fawn, Shoes: Pinky Perky, Shoes: Frozen In Time,
 Shoes: Pinky Perky,  Bag: Lunch Box,   Shoes: Gulliver
Models Alice, Emily and Amber
 Shoes:  Pinky Perky
 Shoes: Disco Bunny
Photographer - - Charlotte Elizabeth Photography + lottielizzie3 - (Instagram) // - (Website)
Lucy Barnard - Hat Designer and Assistant - lucybarnard92 (Instagram)
Location - - Browns Bar and Bistro Newark
Clothes Designer - Alice In wonderland theme - Victoria Bramwell + - (Website)
Other clothing - New look Clothes

Make up Artist - ‘Make up by Jenni’ -

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