You are the Wonderland by Metaphysika The Full Shoot!

You may have seen a few weeks ago we posted a teaser of an amazing photo shoot The lovely Metaphysika in Bosnia created.

Now we have the full shoot to show you!

You Are The Wonderland

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5dShoes worn: Dotty Love            Shoes on Floor: Hearts on the Line6c (1 of 1)Shoes: Scottie Dog13d (1 of 1)Bags: Petal Fever14f (1 of 1)Shoes: Scottie Dog19dShoes: Dotty Love21c (1 of 1)Shoes: Scottie Dog24b (1 of 1)Shoes: Pearly Girly31c (1 of 1)

32b (1 of 1)Shoes: Dotty Love33b (1 of 1)

34 (1)Shoes: Abigails Party (similar) 36b (1 of 1)Shoes: Hearts on the Line37b (1 of 1)Shoes: Hearts on the Line38 (1)Shoes: Hearts on the Line40c (1 of 1) (1)

41Shoes: Scottie Dog42


44Shoes: Georgia Rose45

Wonderland11Shoes: Hearts on the LineWonderland12Shoes: Scottie Dog

You are the Wonderland

Featuring regional and local artists, creative’s and designers along with the British brand Irregular Choice who are all part of the rich variety that Metaphysika concept store have to offer. Metaphysika have created a special photography editorial called  “You are the Wonderland“ which was prepared and shot on 25th April 2015 in Sarajevo.

Wonderland was created to encourage and offer a creative challenge to all young women to express their own attitudes towards fashion and define their own personal unique style. With the use of clothing, shapes, colours and the photography of this editorial they have proved that it is possible to get originality in clothing and style in a completely black and white world thus mixing it with imaginative color bursting accessories from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and the most beautiful shoes made by Irregular Choice.

The inner luxurious personal life of each individual comes to the surface which makes this style expression special, beautiful, different, recognisable and communicates it in nonverbal way. Although adhering to the strict rules, this way of expression represents a challenge, attracts and invites, and instead of messages such as Eat me and Drink me, shouts: “Get to know yourself”, “Express yourself”, “Wear me”, “Dress me”…

Alice’s journey can be interpreted as traveling inside of yourself, getting to know yourself, accepting yourself which leads to achievement of the most wonderful feelings, meeting the magic of your own possibilities and capacities which are free from assumptions and prejudices imposed by the present and our surrounding. Images from this editorial are following the transformation of Ivana Brdar (make up & nail artist and singer) into three characters, you will meet Ivana as Alice, Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts.

Editorial also marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which is the main style inspiration, clothes, shoes and everything else you will see at the photography we will release gradually in the following days.

Creative Metaphysika team: 
Model/Make Up/Hair – Ivana Brdar Nail & Makeup Artist
Art Director – Adnana Handžić, Metaphysika
Photo / retouch – Nadja Berberovic Photography
Setting /props – Lejla Mešanović, Či Handžić


Clothes & shoes:
Irregular Choice shoes
Ljiljana Šaković-Mujan
Ana Lukenda – MOA baggeek
Jasna Čolić – KELI
Mirela Džinić – Wearable Art
Helena i Jelena – LOLA.tees
Nevena Kragić Fashion



Dina Hodović – D’s CollArs jewelry
Dragan Smiljanić – Blackbirdfield fascinators
Dunja Ferušić – Life of Wool