Taste a Rainbow!

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All over the world LGBT+ Pride events are underway! So many of you would have already celebrated at events worldwide including London Pride 2016 which our Carnaby Street team celebrated in true Irregular Choice style! Others of you are preparing for your up and coming Pride events! If you aren't sure where your closest Pride event is you can find out HERE.

We have explored the internet for some of the most amazing irregular rainbow food recipes known to man for you and your LGBTQ+ Pride Parties, Pride Lunches or your very own personal pride celebration at home. Prepare your tastebuds for some epic rainbow food porn!

Happy London Pride from our Carnaby Street team. Have fun and stay safe #loveislove #nofilter #pridelondon

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Yes thats right, Rainbow Sushi. The first of many tasty rainbow recipes is sure to impress any of your friends or family. This is also a great recipe for vegans out there looking for some tasty multicoloured fun too! Sushi doesn't have to contain fish! Try avocado, peppers and other tasty veggies.  Recipe Here
Rainbow sushi


There is nothing better than a cone full of rainbow unicorn ice cream covered in star sprinkles on a hot summers day! This recipe is vanilla flavoured but it would be so easy to add your own favorings or fruit to add some extra tastiness! Don't forget to add some edible glitter for more sparkle magic! Get Started HERE

Rainbow Unicorn Ice cream


Yep, your favourite doughy rounds of goodness can't escape the world of rainbow! First made popular by the original king of "Bagel Art" Scot Rossillo at his famous Brooklyn, New York store aptly named "The Bagel Store". Everyone is now going crazy for Rainbow bagels! You can now make your very own batch at home with this helpful recipe HERE. Why not add hundreds and thousands to your cream cheese filling because hey, they aren't colourful enough!
Rainbow Bagels


Is your mouth watering yet? If not, this next recipe will get you drooling! This recipe is super easy and you only need a few simple ingredients and of course some hundreds and thousands. You could mix things up a little by adding some edible glitter and colourful fun shaped sprinkles too! See the recipe HERE!




Yep that's right! Plus this is a food colouring and hundreds and thousands free recipe (thankfully). Only healthy veggies here! This pizza recipe is also made using a cauliflower crust which means it's also gluten free! Everything about this pizza makes us hungry, we cannot wait to try it ourselves at home. Get cooking HERE


We've had rainbow bagels, now its time for the sweet option. The pastel cuteness of these donuts really gets our hearts skipping a beat, especially with the love heart sprinkle topping! As well as pride these tasty lumps of sweetness would be great for Valentines Day! Cooking instructions HEREPastel Rainbow Dohnuts


Don't worry health fanatics! We have something colourful for you too! These veggie skewers are delicious and super easy to make! Plus a great way to get some rainbow veggie goodness into your tummies. The best part is there are so many colourful vegetables out there it gives you a chance to try something new and interesting! HERE is the recipe.

Rainbow Veggie Skewers


Of course we couldn't forget everyones favourite sweet treat, the good old cupcake. But these aren't any old cupcakes! These are cupcakes on acid! This is a great recipe for those of you who are shy of cooking. This recipe uses pre made cake mix so all you have to do is add the colouring and an egg and you are away! Time to get the apron out! Recipe HERE
Rainbow Cupcakes


We just had to leave the most irregular till last. We have all dreamed of Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwiches right?... right?... No? Just us then.  Of course we had to find you a recipe that had rainbow sprinkles on top too! Go on try it. Rainbow Cheese Toasties

Well thats it on the rainbow taste sensation journey. It's time to get cooking! Please share your Rainbow food experiments with us, we would love to see them! Post them on our Facebook wall, @ mention them to us on Twitter and Hashtag# your pictures with #IrregularChoice on Instagram.

We couldn't miss out on showing off some of our rainbow shoes could we!


How about popping down to one of our local Pride events? Come and celebrate with our Irregular Choice Shoe Fairies!

Brighton Pride Aug. 5-7

Norwich Pride July 25

Leicester Pride 3rd Sep