Kids Competition Results!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful children who entered our "Design your Dream Footwear" competition. We were inundated with so many beautiful entries, deciding on a winner was incredibly hard! We even had a whole year 2 class send in their designs!

After much deliberation, we have finally chosen our two winners! I am sure you will agree that they are well-deserved winners.

Winner of Ages 6 and Under:

Kids Kids Competition Martha 6 Martha Age 6 A wedge heel with snakes, a flamingo and a palm tree design being held up by an elephant. In the background, there is a pirate on his ship with some treasure, a minion and a floating Easter egg, a heart called "Hearty" who is saying "Hello", a fat flamingo teacher teaching some flamingo children, the sun with his hat on, a mouse and his house and garden, and a happy crab!

We loved Martha's design because she embodied the whole lifestyle of Irregular Choice within her shoe. She has created some of the loveliest creatures and characters that live in a wonderful magical kingdom with her shoe.

Winner of Ages 7 to 11:

kids competition winner 2 savvy 8 Savvy Age 8 A rainbow butterfly trainer with wings and a platform rainbow sole!

We chose Savvy's design because as well as being so well thought out, bright and beautiful we love her use of different mediums, her drawing is embellished with glitter and gems which give her design lots of lovely texture.

Because there were so many amazing designs we thought we would show you a few more of our favourite creations that we received.

Ava age 9 Ava Age 9
Katie age 11 Katie age 11
Jonas Age 9 Jonas Age 9
ava 12 Ava Age 12
Josephine age 7 Josephine Age 7
Isabelle age 11 Isabelle Age 11

Thank you to everyone that entered we loved seeing all your fabulous designs!

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