If like us, you consider your Irregular Choice printed outsoles a work of art; You’ll want to preserve them as best as you can without leaving them on a shelf to collect dust. If you haven’t already invested £3.50 in a pair of Irregular Choice Sole Protectors, do yourself and your soles a favour and get a pair now! They will protect the integrity of your beautiful printed outsoles and you can walk with a clear conscience, knowing that the sole artwork isn’t being worn into the pavement.

Now that you have these miracle sole protectors, we can go through the step by step instructions on how to put them onto your favourite pair of IC’s.

STEP 1: Line up your Sole Protector so it covers the whole sole and smooth the sole protector with your hand.
Sole Protector Step 1

STEP 2: Carefully smooth the sole protector onto the sole, being careful not to leave any bubbles.

Sole protector Step 2

STEP 3: If you see any bubbles, simply peel back carefully and readjust o

r push out any with your thumb.

Sole Protector Step 3

Step 4: Once you have your sole protector attached, double checked for bubbles and that you have the right positioning and we’re ready to cut off the excess.
Sole Protector Step 4

STEP 5: Being careful not to cut the shoes themselves, trim the sole protectors to the shape of the sole as pictured

Sole Protector Step 5

STEP 6: Admire your beautifully protected printed outsoles!

Sole Protector Step 6

Please note that the Irregular Choice Sole Protectors are designed for Irregular Choice brand patterned soles only – results on other styles (eg Poetic License, other brands) or finishes may vary.

Now the printed artwork on your soles will stay intact and pristine for wears to come.

Did you know that we also carry Liquiproof? Liquiproof protects your precious shoes from water, rain, drinks and any other liquid that may threaten to ruin your shoes and your day. When you love your shoes as much as we do, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe. For our full range of Shoe protection accessories, check out the link below.