Everyday essentials- What’s in my bag...

By Darcy D, Irregular Choice head office

Have you have seen one of our beautiful bags and thought “It is lovely but is it big enough? Can I fit my houseplant, kitchen sink and next door’s dog* inside?”
Well, today on the blog I’m sharing the essentials that I carry in my IC bag, showing you just how practical and spacious it is for everyday use.
I have tried to keep it as simple as possible but I always like to be ready for any situation I might find myself in. So without further ado, here’s what I squirrel away inside this Mary Poppins-esque bag:

1. A Diary
It is important to keep this handy to avoid double booking coffee mornings with your friends, missing appointments and noting key events. This diary has a little note section too just in case you have a sudden brainwave about how to save the world and you need to jot it down. Pop this in your pouch!

2. A pen and pencil
Speaking of jotting things down, you can’t do this without these really.

3. My purse
This purse is fab for notes, coins and cards. You really want to keep this safe which is what makes the zip compartment in this bag so useful! (Plus, matching purse, pouch and bag combo, need I say any more?)

4. A charging bank
I like to keep my devices topped up so that I can answer pointless BuzzFeed quizzes on my breaks. Which fruit am I?...

5. A scarf
Brrr, there’s that chill in the air… Oh, wait! I carry a scarf in my bag because my bag is the best. Bye breeze bye.

6. A bottle of water
Staying hydrated keeps me feeling sharp throughout the day.

7. Spare flats - Very handy for the commute to and from work. Like, you feel your feet beginning to ache but just in the Nick Of Time, you whip your Sulus from the zipped compartment of your bag and BAM! Problem solved. This bag is brill for impromptu wardrobe changes, plus you never know when you might need to run for the bus!

8. Sunglasses
Just spotted your Ex in the shop at lunch? SHADES.

9. Keys
I pop these in one of the little pockets so that they are always within reach.

10. A book
Reading is great to unwind so I try and read whenever I can. Good job I can keep my 600-page book in this bag!

11. A pouch
And finally, getting organised! An IC pouch acts as an extra compartment to shove your diary, pens, iPad, important documents etc inside. If you’re anything like me, this secret space is very handy indeed (I hide numerous cereal bars inside mine, you never know when hunger may strike!)

And there you have it, a bag that is a tote-al lifesaver!

What do you put in your IC bag!? We would love to see... Email us at enquiries@irregularchoice.com and your email could feature on our social pages!

* Irregular Choice does not condone the theft of dogs or any other bag-sized pets