Q&A with artist Rebecca Wright

Here at Irregular Choice we love seeing photos and messages from our fans. We often scourer the hashtag #IrregularChoice to dig out images that we can repost, like or respond to. We stumble across the weird and wonderful and along the way we came across the fabulous artwork by Rebecca Wright, so here's our Q&A with the illustrator!

3Abigails 3rd Party | Aztec Queen


Deckchair Diva


Fruity Tutti

I’m an illustrator and love the colourful and unusual. I started my career in Fine Art in the 1990’s and then moved into illustration and animation over the next 10 years. I’ve been working as a designer for publishing since 2004. My hometown is York which is a very relaxed and eccentric city, and I always love to explore and draw there.
What do you love most about Irregular Choice?
The fun and bold spirit in design. Each shoe has its own personality, and the people who buy them seem lively and fun-loving too.
When did you start drawing?
I’ve always loved drawing, right from about 5 years old, and realised I wanted to make it my job at 15.
What else do you enjoy drawing?
I really like architecture, Gaudi’s Barcelona is a big passion at the moment. Also drawing beautiful food, especially patisserie and colourful dishes.
What inspires your art most?
Other artists like Shaun Tan, Yuko Shimizu, Degas and Vincent van Gogh; because they like colour and also use drawing in their work. Also nature and 3-dimensional shapes really fascinate me, although I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they're very tactile. Iris Apfel the fashion guru is a new discovery, her fun and original style really gets me excited about creating new things.
What’s your favourite pair of Irregular Choice shoes and why?
Backlash in yellow with a purple ribbon - I love purple and the satin looks gorgeous when the light hits it, and the yellow which is sunny, and it reminds me of Imperial Chinese dress.
If you could pick an IC shoe that represents you, what would it be and why?
Fancy This - It has lovely luxurious pink and gold, but also offset with the dark background, which gives it a sense of mystery. The dark part is my quiet and gothic side, but the bright colours are the part of me that just bursts forward and likes to show off and have fun. It’s feminine shape too, quite curvy, haha.
See more of Rebeccas work here: