3 Days Of Xmas IC Bingo!

To get you in the festive mood we are hosting a 3 Day BINGO extravaganza to bring gifts to you! So put on some IC shoes, grab a drink and have a bit of IC fun!

Join us for a zoom bingo party on either the 19th, 20th or 21st beginning at 8pm UK time - you’ll play 2 games so 4 chances to win per night!

If you’d like to take part just email ‘irregularchoicebingo@gmail.com’ by 18th Dec with the date you’d like to play and your full name! We have some amazing prizes including a goodie bag bundle + a discount code for a line AND a goodie bag bundle + a pair of shoes (your choice!) for a full house!

Hosted in our flagship store by the wonderful Phil, who you know and love from our Carnaby store. 

*T&Cs: Unfortunately zoom will only allow 100 at a time so we have to choose players on the basis of first come first served. You must be available for both games per night and you can only enter for one night!