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woohoo A/W 09 is on its way

How exciting,  a selection of our fantabulous A/W 09 collection has nearly walked itself off the boat and shall be running to our new website offices forthwith.  We can't wait to open up the boxes and our eyes shall sparkle with glee, it is always as exciting for us to see it as it is for all our wonderful fans.We shall shortly be sending out det

We Love It! You Love It!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on our new site. We have had some great comments on here, facebook, myspace and other blog forums.By now most of the discount codes will have been sent out from the introductory signup offer. So don't forget to sign into your account following the newsletter link.A lot of people have asked for the forum to

Welcome to Irregular Choice - The Web Experience

Welcome to our great new site. We have cried, we have pulled teeth and have drank more columbian coffee than we thought was ever available. But we are so pleased to launch our brand new website.We hope you will love it as much as we do, feel free to play, shop and share our fantasticular site with your friends.Let us know what you think of our ne

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