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Calling all Channel 4 Shameless fans!

Calling all Channel 4 Shameless fans!Dan Sullivan's childhood friend, actress Karen Bryson and the TV show Shameless  are nominated for the M Visa awards in 2 days time!Would be great to see her win the award and any extra votes our IC fans can help with would be fantastic!See link below:// 

Jessie J loves her Irregular Choice!

Jessie J has been spotted wearing her Irregular Choice Big Momma boots. This time she wore them to a Great Ormond Street Hospital comedy gala in London. The gala was broadcast on Channel 4.Big Momma is available online and in stores around the world.Buy Big Momma online - //

Irregular Choice on Skins

Alo of Channel 4 Series Skins is featured in their blog wearing Irregular Choice. Excepts from the blog.....Alo’s rocking his usual sartorial take on style down the pub, with a brilliantly sourced and remodelled take on the country gent that he surely is. His jacket is something he found in the back of his dad’s wardrobe amalgamated with a f

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