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New for Summer 2011, Irregular Choice have launched a Limited Edition LCF Collection as part of a London College of Fashion student design Project.

Two lucky students fought off fierce competition from other young footwear designers of Cordwainers at London College of Fashion, Europe’s leading footwear and accessories college, to win the coveted prize of the opportunity to design a collection of shoes for the iconic and eccentric footwear label, Irregular Choice.

Mentored throughout the process by Irregular Choice designer Dan Sullivan, the winning students are So-Yeon Sarah Ahn and Rosanna Gault. The young pair’s designs take in world cultures and architectural utopias as their inspirations, adding a playful twist that maintains that typically atypical style that is true to the Brighton based brand’s ethos.

The collection launched, Wednesday 25th May, exclusively to the Carnaby Street, New York and the Irregular Choice Website. The winning shoes feature a combination of heart shaped heels, candy cane stripes, ditzy florals as well as oversized bows and feathers – providing a way of staying both on-trend but maintaining that idiosyncratic sense of style, for which Irregular Choice is famed.

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