Irregular Choice - Autumn Winter 2009 - Now available to buy online/

Take a look at our fantastical brand new Autumn Winter 2009 styles. They are online now for you to buy.

Let us know what you think of the collection. Send us a pic of you wearing the shoes and we will put it on the blog.

Also we have just heard some great news, the forum is nearly finished. It will be linked to your online account and will be launched in the VIP area very soon. Keep an eye on your emails for updates.

Have a fantastical weekend.

Lots of love.

IC Towers


2 thoughts on “Irregular Choice - Autumn Winter 2009 - Now available to buy online/”

  • Bobby Radcliffe
    Bobby Radcliffe August 29, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    My friend amy wants those shoes really bad. They are called 'what an angel'( they are the brown ones), and she went to look on the website and they were gone!! Please tell me when they will be back in stock - PLEASE! :)

  • Zimbabalooba

    Great news about the Forum coming back - I cant wait to get back into the habit of regular chit chat with fellow IC ers ...

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