New Irregular Choice Minnie Accessories

The new Minnie collection is now available at Irregular Choice. Two funky bags with the Pom Pom Chick charms attached on a clip. A barrel bag and a super useful camera bag. £49.99 and £29.99 respectively.


3 thoughts on “New Irregular Choice Minnie Accessories”

  • Michelle

    Hello... i loved that first bag....Kisses...

  • Victoria

    Hi there, I have fallen in love with the minnie barrel bag and absolutely HAVE to have it, maybe for christmas! But everytime I look on the website, it isn't in stock! Are you likely to have anymore in before Christmas? My teddy shoes need a companion!! xxx

    • admin

      Sorry :( This was a special collection of bags that were made in limited numbers so no more stock available now.

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