Skip along to Irregular Choice!

Irregular Choice are in the process of moving house in Brighton! Our head offices have a great new location in the heart of the Brighton Laines and our warehouse also has a new home within a creative area again in Brighton. We have been busy packing up and sorting through all sorts of wonderful treasures. There was so much we decided to have a clear out of epic proportions of our huge collection of shoe samples.

Our huge new warehouse was a sea of Irregular Choice samples dating back to when the brand was very first created, so you can imaging some of the wonderful shoes, boots and accessories we uncovered. You could not move in our warehouse, we decided that a clean up was in order and so that is what we did!

A skip arrived at our warehouse and we tearfully waved goodbye to some of our old samples (don’t worry we have spares here!). All half pairs but any avid collectors dream come true! Within moments we heard a commotion going on outside and could not believe our eyes! Irregular Choice fans everywhere, in the skip retrieving glorious IC beauties for free, phoning their friends to spread the word! This went on for hours until there was virtually nothing left!

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