Win Irregular Choice Shoes!!

Irregular Choice have collaborated with Sadlers Wells in a competition to win free shoes! This is a follow on from the stage production that Irregular Choice were pleased to be involved in.

For more information of entry and the terms and conditions follow this link.....


3 thoughts on “Win Irregular Choice Shoes!!”

  • Shoegasm

    Shoes speak to the heart for me, especially Irregular Choice!

  • mrs m

    the first time i saw Irregular Choice Shoes i liked them but could not aford to buy a pair. and still cant right now saw some of the new ones and loved them the ones with the glass lookin i went looking to see were can i get a free pair thats when i saw Win Irregular Choice Shoes and had to give it a go. no matter what im going to get a pair some time in my life. to tell you the truth Irregular Choice Shoes seem like they should be displayed and not worn.they are diffrent a peace of art.


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