Behind the Scenes on the Irregular Choice SS11 Lookbook Photoshoot

We decided to do our Spring 11 look book shoot in Sunny California to show the colour- filled, extravagant and fruit- filled collection in the most appropriate way!
The team consisted of the most talented people in the biz.. The photographer and stylist, Kimberley Gordon, is the founder and designer of LA based clothing company Wildfox (the US Staple of California Couture). It was also styled by Meredith Leyerzaph. The make up artist was Kerry Malouff, beauty editor of Malibu Magazine and the model was lovely, friendly Jennifer McManis of Ford LA.

The setting is Silverlake, which is a cute vintage town set in the hills in between Hollywood and Downtown LA.
There we were able to capture the true essence of an Irregular Choice girl's daily summer diary.
We started at Kims chateau in the palm-tree filled hill side of Silverlake, sorting through clothing options to suit the shoe styles. The inspirations for the clothing, hair and make up were a los angeles 90's high school, saturday breakfast dresses, street- chic mary- kate olsen and lazy summer afternoons.  The drink of the day was Coconut juice - straight from the fruit and we struck lucky with 80 degree highs.
Kim's dog Stella was a great help to the decision making process... and defending our shoot against on- lookers.

We started at the local cafe, Kashbah Cafe, which is an amazing organic breakfast place covered in leaves, flowers and paintings. Jennifer took to the spirit of the shoot and snacked on fruit tart and sipped iced americano to suit the day's soaring temperatures.
After that we stumbled upon an authentic turquoise American truck positioned with Sunset Junction and the Hollywood hills in the background. Jennifer didnt hesitate to jump on the van and show off her red 'Hawk Eyes'.
Amidst taking make- up breaks and using our car as a moving wardrobe and changing room, it was onto the local hair salon 'Fandango' where  we shot both inside and outside the shop's old - fashioned swivel seats and next to the local street market. The locals were kind enough to move their deliveries around us so we could get the best shots.
Up next was the taco shop! The team took a breather and munched on pollo ceviches. Jennifer also gave extra tacos to a local homeless man... I think this made his day!

We then moved onto a liquor store, newspaper stand and laundrette where the local Mexican ladies of Echo Park took a huge interest in the pink 'Abigails Party' shoes, asking where they could buy them! The Mexican men surprisingly also took an interest and by the end of the shot we had a sizable audience...
Then we found an Irregular looking Graphiti wall and shot against this. Unfortunately it was opposite a main road, and the shoot almost caused a car pile- up... Almost!
Lastly, the team made our way back to the house in between the hills and palm trees , and the sun set creating the best light for our 'Cant touch this' purple perspex heels.

Keep your peepers posted for the next look book shoot and location....

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes on the Irregular Choice SS11 Lookbook Photoshoot”

  • Chinyere

    The most amazing photoshoot <3.
    I really loved everything about it.
    I definitely enjoyed how the pictures created a storyline,
    just as you mentioned before --- "a diary".
    I really want one of these lookbooks because this issue was like a work of art to me <3.
    I guess you guys don't give them out though, huh?

    Either way, the photoshoot was perfect and very inspirational to anyone with any type of artisitic vision <3.

    • mhariclare

      Contact our customer service to see if they can find one for you.

      Thanks for your post, its great to get feedback on what we are doing.


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