Irregular Choice is Ab Fab!

We're still Ab Fab, 20 years on: Comedy cast reunited for three-part Christmas special.

Jane Horrocks - (bubble) wearing Irregular Choice London of College Design 'Rosanna'.

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The series, affectionately nicknamed Ab Fab, followed the lives of the fashion and fad-obsessed Eddy and Patsy - not forgetting Edina’s long-suffering daughter Saffy, played by Miss Sawalha and dippy assistant Bubble, played by Miss Horrocks.

Bubble now seems to be taking fashion tips from a Japanese schoolgirl, while Saffy still has that same disapproving glare.

Mother - or Gran – is played by Miss Whitfield, who at 86 really does not seem to have aged in the intervening years.

Absolutely Fabulous was first broadcast in 1992 and ran for three series and a two-part special until 1996. It returned for two more series and another two specials between 2001 and 2004, with a Comic Relief edition on BBC1 in 2005.

And this reunion might not be the last, as Miss Saunders has spoken of an Ab Fab film.

See the London College of Fashion Collection below.
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