Irregular Choice Support Rotary International (Brazil)

Irregular Choice supported the Rotary International charity this year.

The UK team at Rotary International embarked on a life-changing trip to Brazil this March. They are a small part of a global charitable organisation and hoped to contribute to the aims of Rotary by working towards eradicating polio, providing clean water and promoting literacy throughout the world, but more specifically, in Amazonia, Brazil.
Their team comprises of four ladies who are all big Irregular Choice fans, and one gent.

They represented the UK on their travels through Brazil, and feel head over heels with the Irregular Choice 'Posie' (4068 – 01A) shoe design we have. They went on to explain what a perfect quirky addition to their uniforms the Posie design would give them and how it would give them an extra edge when presenting as a group and communicating with the media.

They travelled through 6 major cities in Brazil, giving presentations to the local people and dignitaries on life in the UK in comparison to Brazil. The places they travelled to included - Belem, Manaus, Rio Branco, Rolim de Moura, Porto Velho and finishing in Rio de Janeiro. They followed a course of the Amazon River more or less and passed through major cities and small jungle villages. They left the UK on 18th March 2012 and returned on 19th April 2012.

Liz, Ursy, Kelly and Kat – Rotary International Team UK 2012
Please visit the links below for more information and see their lovely presentation attached: