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Irregular Choice.... Good Enough to Eat!!

All these Irregular Choice styles cakes that are fans are sending to us are giving us quite an appetite!Take a look at the two latest creations that have just been sent in to us based on our Autumn Winter 2012 box and a blast from the past our Irregular Choice Robot!We love seeing them so please keep them coming!!

Irregular Choice in SHK Photoshoot

SHK is inspired by the celebration of today’s ability to merge traditional editorial aesthetics with the quickness of new media. With an online — yet visually driven — platform, plans to penetrate the world of style through fashion, music, beauty, design, entertainment and lifestyle. We aren’t just another website that re

Irregular Choice Photoshoot by Michelle Murphy

Take a look at the shots from a recent shoot by Michelle Murphy that were sent to us!Models : Fruit Salad Me, Emily Carey, Runa AstraMake Up : Fanny MK UpLighting / Photographic Editing : Max BrillArt Director / Photographer : Michelle Murphy

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