And the winners of our best friend competition are...

We were over whelmed by the response we received from our best friend competition and it was a emotional experience reading through all your messages!

These are only just a few of our favourites and if we could we would have loved to give all of you a goodie bag!

Congratulations to our winners below!


  • Tracey Bache My Mum Jean Stancill is my best friend...she is the kindest, most caring person anyone could have the pleasure of knowing... she has gone through so much... she was a wonderful carer to my dad...who unfortunately passed away nearly 2 years ago... and has battled (and won) breast cancer herself... but she has always stayed positive..and is always there for her family and friends who love her to the moon and stars ....x
  • Sonia Sandhu Bethany Anne is the absolute best. I'm not going to make clichéd friendship comments. Here is a poem instead:

Bethany Humphreys is my best friend,
She will be forever, it's not just a trend.
Upon her, I can really depend.
Her hair is nice - with no split ends.

I met her in '05 in a Manchester club,
We bonded over music and love of the pub.
She's taller than me and gives a good hug,
Gonna get her face printed on a coffee mug.

She's having a pretty stressful week,
A goody bag from you would make it less bleak.
Last Halloween she dressed as Mystique,
She gets married this year! *excited shriek*

I'm her maid of honour so I'll go easy on the booze,
Once in Ibiza we were hungover and missed our boat cruise.
If I was an artist she would be my muse,
We really really love Irregular Choice shoes.

This girl has been my best friend for the past 6 or so years, but I will forever call her my little sis. The story of how we met is weird, depressing and wonderful in equal measure. When I was in college, my boyfriend at the time tried to commit suicide. The day after, I was meant to go on a Germany exchange trip. I didn't know anyone, and really didn't want to go after that night's events. Sitting on the coach, a girl I vaguely recognised from school asked to sit beside me. I said "ok", but I wasn't in the mood for company. She introduced herself. I ignored her (like the depressed douchebag I was), and she asked me if I was ok. I shook my head. She said "Okay... do you want to talk about it?". I shook my head again. She said "Okay... Do you want half of my twix?". I nodded. And the rest, as they say, is history.

She's my rock, my sister and I couldnt imagine life without her. We might not see each other for weeks, or months, but when we get together its like we've never been apart. I've danced in the rain with her at a festival to support a new band when everyone else watching ran inside for shelter, I've painted my face green for Oxfam with her, we've been backpacking to Berlin and are planning another adventure to Amsterdam. We've been to countless gigs, watched countless films, drank countless Jagerbombs, and had countless hair colours. We've made pot frogs that looked hilariously like ceramic dragon things (I still have mine!), gone to bingo, stuffed ourselves with pizza and sushi and laughed till we cried. Also, I once saved her life from a faulty rollercoaster called "The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride" (we really should have known it wasn't going to be a fun experience).

I have quotes written in the Notes app on my phone from nights out and day trips where hilarious things have happened, just because whenever I feel down, a little Katie in my day makes me feel a million times better. She's got my back, and I have hers (especially when she decides to panic when confronted with creepy blokes on nights out and tells them that I am her lesbian partner. That's one way to get rid of them!). She's going to go on to do remarkable things in her life, and there is honestly no one more deserving of a goody-bag treat thing than her .

In the words of the Killers...
"It started out with a Twix, how did it end up like this?"


(also, shes a mega talented graphic designer. Take a look at Katie Abey Design if you want something to smile at :3)

  • Sharlene Taylor Gemma Caspall is one of my closest friends, someone whose shoe collection is only surpassed by the size of her heart. My life has been better and more quirky since she entered it. Whether she be listening to me moan or encouraging me into mischief. Plus we're the same shoe size which is always a bonus!
  • Adela Quinn In spring 1978, just like the flowers began to grow,Patricia Gordon and I became best friends. It was also a new beginning for my family and I. I left my country with my family not through choice, I was now a refugee child from Chile. We left everything behind, my home, my family, my friends, my school, my dolls. I was unsure about my future then. I didn't understand the language and many things. Everything was different and I was feeling rather sad. I believe that god put Patricia in my path and she became my best friend from day one. She made me laugh and made me forget the horrors I had seen. Her happy face and smile made me feel everything was going to be okay. I had a friend now. We talked and understood each other even with the language barrier. Ever since that day she has been my best friend and knows everything about me, the good, the bad and the ugly, and always has accepted me as I am. God bless you my dear friend!
  • Alison Wonderwife Smith Melanie Kempster I love my BFF very much, while I was going through IVF she researched all the drugs and the terminology and the procedures so she could understand what I was going through, she was there when the hormones raged through me and I turned up at her door crying buckets for no reason, she's the very reason I got through it. She also was armed with multi pregnancy tests when it was time to test ! She's now a very special godmother to her BFF baby girl !

My girl definitely deserves a goody bag. She has fallen out of the sky whilst paragliding, been locked in a cemetery, been locked out of her car whilst in a moving car wash and that is just the start. Most of all, she has put up with my drunken antics and dramas and is an absolute star. Now if that doesn't deserve a goody bag then I don't know what does:):) Mwah. Xx

  • Sian-Valerie Shipley I have a massive dilemma. I have TWO best friends that I cannot pick between, so I am going to nominate them BOTH and forsake the goodybag so they can BOTH have one. If that's not love, I don't know what is!! Who in their right mind would willingly give up an IC goodybag?! Me! Because I LOVE Leanne Webber and Josie Russell more than they will ever know. Leanne is the sweetest, wryest, most knowing person I have ever met. We're outwardly very different, but 'whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same'. We live at opposite ends of the country now, though, and the distance is physically painful. Josie is a joy to know. She's beautiful, and vivid, and funny and bright. She picks up my shopping, and makes me smile even when I'm at my darkest. Please, please, please pick my two best friends to be the winners xxx
  • Hayley Wheeler My best friend is an angel in the sky. Laura. There has never been a replacement and she was the best friend anyone could have wished for! Kind, caring, loving, funny. We were more like twins and theres not a day that goes by where I dont think about her. I'd give all the goodybags in the whole world to see her again. Cherish your best friend, you never know when they will be taken from you! Love you always my
  • Amy Brown This would be excellent compensation for my best buddy Kate Shaw who turns the big 30 on Friday.. compensation because when we were in Primary School I threw up my coco pops breakfast EVERYWHERE and put her off chocolate for life!! Can you imagine inflicting a life without chocolate and knowing it's all your fault?!! & yet 24 years later she's still my bud. (Awww) I owe her big time & you're her most favourite shoes... plus did I mention it's her birthday Friday...  x


Please if you see your entry above contact with your name and address so we can send you your prize! 

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