Shoe Stories

This summer season, Dan Sullivan designed one of the wildest shoe collections anyone had ever seen, including one very special shoe, our beautiful 20cm towering platforms.  The story behind these shoes is an interesting one, which dates back hundreds of years.

Original Chopines from 1500-16000 Original Chopines from 1500-16000

Based on the historic “Chopine” shoe which was popular in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.  Originally used to protect dresses from the muddy roads, chopines soon became popular with wealthy powerful women.  High chopines allowed women to tower over others, the higher the chopine the higher the status of the woman. Some chopines were made an extreme 50cms high which is another 30cm higher than our own version!

Chopines were covered with leather, ornate fabrics and some were even jewelled and embroidered, very much like our own irregular versions which feature jewelled appliqué fairy tale scenes and elegantly embroidered floral tropical designs.

Dan Sullivan wanted to put his own twist on this historic style to give women the feeling of their soul being lifted into the clouds by something so fun and unique.





Up In The Clouds6782-1-xl

Tall Tail6780-1-xl

Big Top