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Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.

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Katt's Story-
katt DandyI have always loved anything a little unusual and have never really been bothered about quantifying my tastes along with mainstream fashion. Irregular Choice fits perfectly into that, I remember seeing a pair of 'The One Who Charms' in my local shop and being mesmerised by them, trying them on, going away, coming back, trying them on again. I just couldn't get them out of my mind! Each time there was a new character heel I would fall in love a little bit more. They were outrageous, unbelievable and unique. To this day I have never seen anyone at the same event as me with a pair of character heels on and I LOVE that. It wasn't until 'Cherry Deers' came out that I actually owned my first pair. Since then its been a process of collecting what I have missed and keeping my eyes peels for new and exciting launches. I now own around 50 pairs with the majority of them being character heels (photo can be provided) and I spend my free time writing a mini blog about my shoes to help other ladies discover some of the collection.

I have always loved bright and unusual colours and I think this is one of the reasons I am drawn to Irregular Choice, with each new season I find something new and exciting that keeps my attention. Colours that you never think are going to work together somehow do. For me its not just about the bright colours because anyone can make a brightly coloured shoes but the way Irregular Choice not only combine colours but amazing new textures is brilliant, the attention to detail on the stitching, glitter and fabric choices really do make them stand out from anything I have seen before. Even now when I go to re-wear a pair of shoes I discover something new that I hadn't noticed before and I love it.

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