Shoe Stories- Gemma Robinson

Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.

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Gemma RobinsonGemma Story-

Well... I've always been a little quirky, whether it be clothes, jewellery or hair so 12 years ago I'd just decided to leave uni and go out into the world. I remember walking past a show shop and they had the most amazing Paisley green swan shoes. I bought them and the fascination began. I was known in the offices I worked in as the 'crazy shoe lady' and it only grew with the purchase of my character heels- I have to say Tian Tian are my fav!

In the coming years I only ever wore them for special occasions, until 5 years ago I bought some flick flacks and I knew they shouldn't be in a box under the bed! My passion was reignited and I loved everything about Irregular Choice from the more recent Shirley Bass, to all the Nick of Times and not to mention my comfiest shoes to date Candy Damsels!

I've got more outgoing as the years have gone on and now these shoes are everyday not just for occasions- I'm proud to be different and I want to shout about it!