Irregular Choice Shoe Stories- Cian Jane O'Hare

Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.

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Cian's Story-  Cian Jane Cj O'Hare

Hi I am Cian and this my little irregular story. My love affair started back in 2007 when my sister Helen appeared with some fabulous shoes that caught my eye I lusted from afar for some time as I couldn't quiet afford a pair of my own and my sister feet were somewhat bigger than mine so no chance of stealing a pair. The thing that got me interested was the choice of fabrics and colors and being just a little bit different. I've never really liked plain and boring so the more out there the better for me. And irregular choice just encapsulated everything about me. Fast forward to 2010 after several years in walking boot wilderness for work my then boyfriend proposed and I knew this was it my chance to finally own a beautiful and unique pair of shoes for the big day. I couldn't decide what I wanted they were all so beautiful but in the end I plumped for the more traditional floral courtesan bar in cream and gold. I bought them before I bought my dress or any other wedding item.

My style is a bit more out there and my top three favourite pairs I own are my white true love they flash and everything I am such a big kid. My midas touch disco bunnies every time I put them on I think of chocolate bunnies. And my lazy rivers iridescent as it's my all time favourite material. I have spent a long time finding bags and accessories that match them perfectly.

Irregular Choice will always keep me coming back because they are so detailed and thought out with an amazing selection of styles and colors there is something for every personality style and taste I love my ic bags and shoes so much I setup a fan page and have met some of the most wonderful woman and men who I am proud to call my friends we meet up regularly to go to the store and have lunch and talk every day. I love that a shared love of shoes has brought so many people together and created such a wonderful community. So they are more than just shoes. They are little pairs of happiness and this is why I will always love Irregular Choice xxx

 Cian Jane Cj O'Hare's collection

 Cian Jane Cj O'Hare's collection