Shoe Stories - Charlie Mount

Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.

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Charlies Story-

I first discovered Irregular Choice via eBay. I was browsing for shoes for a party and being a lover of vintage/retro fashion and quirky pieces, I wanted something different. It was the union jack pattys that caught my eye first so I then narrowed the search to just Irregular Choice and fell in love with the hello ha heels. I couldn't afford to purchase any at the that time but never forgot! I then started noticing them more in Schuh and on friends that bought them for special occasions.

It was then two years ago, I bought my first pair, Hook Line and Sinker, to go with my 50s dress. As the dress was just plain blue with a white lace collar, it needed a wow factor. I decided this was the time for some Irregular Choice Shoes! I actually found the Hook Line and Sinkers on Amazon for just under £40! There were other colours to my dress but with the blue bow and the salmon pink, I knew these would be perfect. As soon as they arrived I was in love!! The boxes these shoes come in are works of art in themselves!! NEVER chuck the boxes! They came nicely wrapped in tissue and with spare heel tips. The soles are also so pretty!

I wore them in London and the amount of comments from my friends and strangers was amazing. This is why I love Irregular Choice so much. You have the more "conservative" styles (that really aren't conservative at all) to the wacky character heels. There is a style for everyone, yet they are so unique that everyone will dress them up with our own style of clothes to give them their own style.

I then bought some Cheeky Moose's for a wedding, and then some Pattys for Goodwood races last year. But since joining an Irregular Choice fan group I've become obsessed! The group will help you find bargains and sell on their shoes they don't wear any more. Beige and magnolia are banned in my home, and drab and boring is banned from my wardrobe!

My favourite pair are on their way as I type. I love Blair Elfglows and bagged a bargain on ebay yesterday, brand new £35! Cant wait for then to come. I ordered the yellow with navy ribbon but the ones I'm going to save for ready for autumn are the mustard /burgundy ones!

Charlie Mount's hook line and sinker Charlie Mount's fab outfit

Charlies Collection Charlies Collection