Shoe Stories - Stevi Boyall

Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand. This week we have an extra special entry from a member of Staff working at Irregular Choice!

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Stevi's story- 

SteviMy names Stevi ....... I've Always been a lover for shoes how can you not love the Irregular Choice brand. So here goes my Irregular Choice story.....
Not being very body confident as a teenager brought on my shoe love. I often thought of people noticed my shoes they perhaps wouldn't notice me and my figure.
I can remember having a friend in secondary school that had a pair of Abigail's "iced gem" and I was so envious!! No money coming in and my mum and dad not willing to spend that much I was left with no Irregular Choice shoes to admire .....
Speed up a few years been to university and had a baby I was ready to re kindle the love of shoes. Being a single parent meant that money was tight but I just needed a pair!! eBay search began......
My first pair was a pair of irregular choice which was split toes in a teal colour, so comfy. I was hooked. I brought these in July 2015 and the collection begun. My second pair was those Abigail's I longed for.

For as my favourite pairs...I really like the trinkletina shoes and handbags. My new shoes are the nick of times and hello ha, I can see me getting more colour ways in this style too!
I have become addicted to searching for these amazing shoes. My partner thinks I'm mad, but does love my collection. Fast forward not quite a year and I have 29 pairs and 6 bags. I love the new found confidence these shoes give me. I love collecting new and old styles, and I know my collection will keep on growing!

stevis collection