Staff Shoe Stories - Georgia Rolls-Gray

Hello! I’m Georgia and I am the Buyer’s Assistant at Irregular Choice – here’s my “Shoe Story”.

I11951791_10153427279770860_8242490002398936042_nt was actually my Mum who bought the first pair of Irregular Choice shoes. I was about 12 or 13 and we were on a shopping trip trying to find new school shoes for me (the most boring and horrible of all the shoes) and she spotted a pair of beautiful shoes unlike any she had ever seen before (lily flats). She had to have them.

Even though I hadn’t been able to get my own Irregular pair of shoes (I think I would have been sent home if I’d arrived in a pair of Irregular Choice school 3432-02Y_1shoes) I had to find out everything I could about these shoes that little did I know would eventually become such a big part of my life.

I was 18 by the time I managed to save up and purchase my first pair. They were the Miaow boots and I could not believe I had found something that combined my two great loves – cats and shoes. Once the first pair had been bought that was it. Every spare bit of cash I had and on every Christmas and birthday list would be a pair of Irregular Choice shoes.

I love Irregular Choice shoes simply because they are unique. They stand out. Growing up v0147-01C_1ery shy I often (and sometimes still do) did not want to stand out in any way at all, and yet wearing Irregular Choice will always make you stand out - something that I have actually learned to love when wearing them. I recently bought my Dad a pair and he said “Everywhere I go I get compliments on my shoes!” to which I replied “Well that’s just what happens when you wear Irregular Choice”.

When I saw the job advertisement I knew that if I did not apply I would always regret it. Scary as it was, I dived straight in and in the space of about 4 weeks I’d only gone and got the job and moved to Brighton!

My job at Irregular Choice is the Buyer’s Assistant – my main role is to look after all of the admin involved in the buying of our shoes, bags and accessories – and there is a lot of admin! I raise all of our orders and send these off to our China office for the production to start. Ordering for the start of a season is always one of the biggest challenges and I found myself doing just that for the AW16 orders after only a couple of weeks into my new job. Since starting in March I have ordered around 37,000 pairs of shoes. (!!!!)

One of my favourite jobs is setting up our wall for each season. Every single shoe must have a page with all of the details so we can access these quickly. Here’s a sneaky look at one part of our AW16 wall.


I love Brighton, I love Irregular Choice, and I could not imagine living or working anywhere else. I’ve made wonderful friends and Irregular Choice is truly an amazing place to work.