10 of the cutest pets you just HAVE to follow on Instagram!

The 11th of April is a very special day! It's NATIONAL PET DAY!

Today is all about taking extra time to love and appreciate the furry friends who are close to your heart! But it is important to also take a moment to remember all the wonderful pets waiting for forever homes inside animal shelters all over the globe.

As a bit of fun, we have found some of the most famous pets on Instagram who you won't be able to resist following! Prepare for cuteness...

1. It wouldn't be right if we didn't start things off in a big way with one of the most famous pugs in the world, Doug. Doug The Pug has over 2.5 MILLION followers and is even a new york times best seller! You can follow him here: @itsdougthepug

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"‪I'm always eating so I can never actually get in the pool‬" -Doug

2. This little beauty is Venus the Cat, Venus was born with a genetic mutation which gives her these stunning markings which have helped lead her to stardom. This pretty little kitty really shows it's beautiful to be Irregular! "Be different, be bold! It makes you 1 of a kind, Irreplaceable!" You can peek at her lovely little face here: @venustwofacecat

#tbt Hangin' with my peeps!

3. All the cuteness! Wally is an English angora rabbit with giant, wing-like ears, fluffy bellbottom paws, and a twinkling smile. His gorgeous little face is taking the Instagram world by storm! You can follow his little hoppy antics here: @wally_and_molly

Wally is convinced that he's discovered "the best antidote to the Monday blues." And here it is a photo of static bunny ears! Let us know if it works. ?

4. Let us introduce you to Juniper, the happiest little fox in the whole wide world. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! Junipers owner bought her from a fox breeder and also uses Junipers Instagram page as an education tool. She stresses foxes are not a "novelty" pet and need specialist care. See Junipers happy little face here: @juniperfoxx

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There are a few simple things that never fail to make me happy. Like trees growing over top of a back road, when the dog comes home covered in dirt smelling like the rich earth, or when this fox smiles at me.

5. FLUFFBALL ALERT! Say hello to Tori the Bichon. This puffy ball of fluff is from Daegu in South Korea and has the biggest doggy afro we have ever seen! See all the afro cuteness right here: @bichon_tori

6. A face only a mother could love? You'd be so wrong to think so! Tuna the "chiweenie" has nearly 2 MILLION followers! All of which love his cute Instagram snaps. Tuna has an exaggerated overbite which leaves him with this rather Irregular appearance but that doesn't stop us from loving him! @tunameltsmyheart

To make up for not posting yesterday, here are THREE photos of Tuna dressed up like a troll doll. You're welcome.

7. Ok we think we may have found the world's most photogenic cat. Meet smoothie the stunning British Longhair. Based in the Netherlands Smoothie has the most beautiful stunning green eyes and cute fluffy toes! See Smoothies daily posts here:  @smoothiethecat

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8.  Ludwick the naked guinea pig has stolen our hearts. This little nudy furless baby was rescued from a pet shop who had neglected him. Owner Agata Nowacka took him in and nursed him back to health. Since then he has become an Instagram sensation with nearly 200,000 followers! Want more cute little skinny-pig pictures? Head over to his Instagram: @Ludwick_Guinea_Pig

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"If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you"❤ Tag someone you love

9. This little fur baby is looking sharp! Let us introduce you to Mr Pokee the hedgehog and worlds cutest adventurer! This little lovely has most probably travelled further than any other hedgehog in history! We just want to give this little guy hedgehugs! Keep updated with Mr Pokee's travels here: @mr.pokee

Stay weird ??? #tongueouttuesday #tot

10. A firm favourite in the Irregular Choice head office is Munchkin the Teddy Bear. This adorable little Shih Tzu has the best outfit collection in Miami! Not to mention the sickly sweet teddy outfit which makes her look like a real life Ewok! Follow this lovely little lady right here: @munchkintheteddybear

I missed Carnival so I'll make my own party ???

11. One extra special tribute goes out to the very special Gabe the Dog. He may not have had an Instagram profile but that hasn't stopped him from filling our world with smiles, especially on darker days. Sleep tight pupper.

There are so many Animal Shelters and Rescue Charities that need your help and it's so quick and easy to make a difference. We have found you some helpful links to some charities donation pages where you can make a contribution, big or small.  You should also research local charities which may have volunteer opportunities where you can get involved and help out.  Or how about taking it to the next level and adopting a pet in need of a home! But remember a pet is for life and you should take your time to think what pet is suited for you and your lifestyle.