Irregular Choice on Holiday

By Darcy D, Irregular Choice head office


You’re going on holiday (or you’re just reading this wrapped up like a burrito in a blanket, as the rain speckles the windows, wishing you were going away).

Whether you call it going on ‘hollibobs’, ‘vacay’ or just a long weekend, there is a pair of shoes for every place and pace!



Day: By Day, you will most likely be wandering through galleries, strolling along the Grand Canal or taking leisurely gondola rides.

Opt for a pair or Long Hot Summers- The fabric is cool and these shoes are super lightweight! The embroidery will really pop next to Venetian artwork too!

Night: Whether you are off to watch an opera at Teatro La Fenice, eating a whole pizza to yourself or having a smooch on the Rialto Bridge, you want to be wearing something striking on your feet in this city which is iconic for colourful masquerade and class.

Opt for Tease- This shoe is so wearable and will add that splash of something to what may be a subtler outfit. The rich red tones in this shoe connote passion… passion for pasta. Now THAT’s amore.

Or Wanderlust- You will come across numerous red and white mooring poles dotted along the canal. They’re iconic. You know we love being matchy-matchy here at Irregular Choice so why not take the shoes to match? These shoes are very 'moor-ish'.


Long Hot Summers | Tease | Wanderlust | Freya


Day: I couldn’t help but wonder… what would Carrie Bradshaw, NYC icon, be wearing as she hopped in and out of taxis, takeaway coffee in hand? Perhaps you are more Phoebe from friends, more casual, still with heaps of style? There many avenues for IC in NYC.

Opt for Loren Love- Feeling more Carrie? A staple pair of pumps please every NYC activity and these little stunners travel very well indeed. You may be in New York for business purposes or you may be there simply for pleasure. Regardless, Loren Loves ticks both boxes.

Opt for Liliana- Is Phoebe your spirit animal? Need something to wear with a versatile dress during the day? Meet this very easy and refreshing solution to your unfinished outfit equation: Ankle boots in timeless sequin camo print. You can wear them shopping or for a walk around Central Park. Plus, this shoe is leather-free so Phoebe would defo approve.

Night: Having seen the sights by day, you may be tip-toeing to Times Square to take in the twinkling lights. Going to see a show on Broadway? Getting noodles in Chinatown? There is SO much to do in the city that never sleeps.

Opt for Sulu- The Dorothy-esque Sulus are flat, suitable if you’re taking a bite of The Big Apple by day. What’s more, the glittery fabric ensures that you do not compromise style for comfort. Careful not to click your heels together thrice! You’ll never want to go home!


Loren LovesLiliana | Freya


Day- Bask in the sun of the Copacabana, glorious, gratifying and gold. Climb up the Christ The Redeemer statue for a breath-taking view under the world’s bluest sky. Rio is colourful and full of life!

Opt for Tropic Like It’s Hot- Because the temperature is always glorious in Rio, you will want sandals for beach strolls and posing on the Escadaria Selarón- Don’t let your footwear limit your activities. Ever (sound life advice). The palm leaf print is also a stylish ode to the Amazon.

Night- Brazil is famous for Samba so why not give it a go!? You should. There are so many vibrant hot-spots for buzzing nightlife in Rio, just don’t be afraid to explore!

Opt for Fruity Bowl- Did someone say Carmen Miranda!? Be THE carnival queen of the South Atlantic. These flats are so fun and so perfect for the Rio scene… her name was Rio and she danced in IC flats.

Side note-  Sugarloaf Mountain doesn’t taste as good as you would think…


Tropic Like it's Hot | Fruity Bowl


Day- You may be ramen around amongst pink flurries of cherry blossom petals in the serene grounds of the Imperial Palace or you could be crossing at Shibuya, heading for the Harajuku highway or even catching The Cat Bus to the Studio Ghibli Museum!

Opt for Sole Sisters- Hold your Harajuku horses! Just look into their manga-nificent eyes! These sisters exude all that is kawaii cuteness and are the perfect fluffy friends for your trip!

Night- There is fun to be had in every corner of Tokyo! Roppongi is renowned for its nightlife scene, as is Shibuya. Not down to party? No problem! Why not go and watch some sumo wrestling!?

Opt for Candy Jem- Tokyo is so vast and has a population of around 13 million. BE SEEN! These comfy kitties have zip pockets for travel tickets and lights in the soles to really stand out in the dark!

Opt for She Who Dares- The Tabi style is very popular in Japan and is possibly the most comfortable flat ever! This design really does take Tabi to the next realm with the ornate fabric and dainty ribbon ankle tie, making them the perfect addition to an evening outfit.


Sole Sisters | Candy Jem | She Who Dares | Jem Cat


Day- This coastal chocolate box town is quaint and peaceful. Pop into numerous ice-cream outlets, fudge shops and breathe in that fresh sea air. Capture the scenery from the castle as seagull’s giggle overhead. Dartmouth is one of the UK's best-kept secrets.

Opt for Ruthie Ruffle- They’re open-toed for the summery feeling and secure enough for you to leg it from a seagull that is trying to pinch your chips.  The red white and blue stripes give off British summertime picnic vibes in abundance. They’re ruffled and ready for your break!

Night- Being located on the coast, there are many divine fish restaurants in Dartmouth and plenty of local produce to be sampled! Meander by the twinkling lights of the bobbing boats by the river…

Opt for Backlash- Buoys and girls will be climbing the riggings to catch a glimpse of these heels in a fabric so fitting for the scenery! Pair these with a summer dress and you’ll get an 'Ahoy!' or two.


Ruthie Ruffle | Backlash

…Run out of Chicago Town mini pizzas have we?... It is time for a holiday!