The Irregular Guide to Leicester

Leicester is a thriving, diverse city with so much to do and see. There are 1000 reasons to come to the city and our wonderful team at Irregular Choice Leicester have created the perfect alternative guide listing a few of their insider favourites.



What hotels/accommodation offer the most uplifting stay?

For both style and the ideal location, we love Maiyango! It’s a 2-minute walk from the centre of town so you don’t have to go far to rest your feet after a days shopping or a night on the town.


Mrs Bridges Breakfast

Where do you go for a yummy breakfast?

Mrs Bridges Tearooms on Loseby Lane has been around for as long as we can remember. They do incredible, generous breakfasts using great ingredients and the staff are so friendly!

Most quirky coffee shop?

Our lovely Leicester team are lucky to have lots of independent coffee shops but a special mention has to go to St Martin’s Coffee in St Martin’s Square for being so great with the over-complicated orders!

Most amazing flavours of Icecream?

Gelato Village will see to all of your frozen Italian treat needs. Award-winning, authentic gelato is served in the very best flavours. Our team love Pistachio and Hazelnut!

What's the most irregular place to go to eat?

A trip to Crafty Burger is a real favourite, found at St Martin’s Coffee on Thursday – Saturday only! It’s perfect for an end of week meal and serves some unusual and exciting versions of the classic burger and fries.

Local delicacy we mustn’t miss?

Screenshot (11)

From our Leicester team : 'We had the BEST Christmas meal last year. You’ve not done Leicester until you’ve had a top-notch curry, and the fish curry at Kayal on Granby Street is insanely good! Vegetarian? They have a veggie restaurant just down the road called Herb!'


What do you consider the most beautiful street?

Allendale Road and Francis Street have got to be up there with some of the prettiest parts of Leicester City. Set just outside the city centre in Stoneygate, these joined streets are lined with some beautiful little independent shops and coffee shops, bars and restaurants. If you’re staying in the city centre, we'd highly recommend taking a walk there via New Walk, which is equally as pretty!

Bradgate Park Deer

Where do you wander to get inspired?

We love Bradgate Park for history, nature and a great family day out. You can choose to walk the public pathways or venture off amongst the deer to explore.

Where to go to experience your culture first hand?

The King Richard 3rd Visitor Centre and the Cathedral are perfect in the day. In the evening, live music venues such as The Cookie host many brilliant, local musicians.

Best park to see colourful flowers?

Castle Gardens is a nice, colourful break between the city and De Montfort University.


Most fun to have with kids?

Amongst our favourite places are The Space Centre, New Walk Museum and the local farms.

Where to dance like nobody's watching?

IC Girls At Bottle Garden

The girls at Irregular Choice Leicester love to go for a cocktail at The Bottle Garden followed by Basement for a late night boogie!



What area would you say an Irregular girl would love to shop in?

The Lanes have lots of local independent shops, perfect for an irregular shopping day and it's also very close to the main shopping centre, Highcross. Our own lovely little shop leads shoppers into the famous arcades and lanes. It's easily found as the vibrant splash of colour along the High Street. Check out the store on Facebook @ICMidlands and Instagram @irregularchoicemidlands.

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