Irregular Choice spreading its unicorn wings in Australia…

Over the years, we at Irregular Choice have seen a really exciting increase in fans in Australia, so it was an obvious choice of location to focus our attention and spread our rainbow wings toward.

In 2017, the owners of Irregular Choice jumped upon a unicorn and flew across the seas from their original home in Brighton UK to arrive on Australia’s sunny shores. They set up a second office and have recently opened the doors of their first Irregular Choice Store in the vibrant city of Melbourne, what a wonderful and exciting journey it has been already!

To celebrate our arrival in this beautiful country further, we looked to work with kindred spirits in the form of Australian Influencers and clothing designers who we knew embodied all of the individuality and magic of our brand.

Jitter Bug Edits

We came across Laura Gilbert; Australian Influencer, Youtube personality, musician and Comicon star. We knew immediately that she was a perfect fit, with her pin up look, fun energy and love for life. After our first meeting, her love affair with our brand began. We originally worked with Laura modelling our shoes in collaboration with Australian clothing brand Sarsparilly, but Dan felt it would be great to do more with Laura to cement our arrival in this gorgeous country. Dan suggested that Laura could design her very own Irregular Choice shoe… she was thrilled and flew to Melbourne from Sydney to get started.

 The Jitterbug heels are a culmination of all that Laura loves. The pink and blue of Harley Quinn’s hair, (the cosplay look that started her career) burgers, milkshakes, the 50’s diners and music! Laura put a lot of thought and love into designing these shoes, even composing the piece of music that is embroidered onto each shoe. If you ever wanted to walk a mile in Laura Gilbert’s shoes, these are the shoes you would wear! We hope you fall in love with these vintage throwback classics just like we did.

Tomorrow, at 11pm AEDT (12pm UK time) we will share with you a very special video of Laura, unboxing her designs, the look on her face is priceless as she sees the shoes and bag in the flesh for the very first time!

The shoes will be on sale on Friday 18th6pm Aus time (7am UK time)!