A quick look at our team's chosen charities!

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Irregular day is all about trying something new, coming together and having fun! We'd love for you to take part whether it's trying something new for breakfast or hiking a mountain!

Some of our team have decided to do their Irregular day challenge to raise money for charities and here's a peek at some of the charities our team have chosen:

Bully Zero

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Working to reduce and prevent bullying and cyberbullying in schools, the workplace, online and communities across Australia, Bully Zero focus on education and training programs that aim to prevent bullying and minimise negative behaviour.

Ditch the label

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International bullying charity, Ditch the label's mission is to combat bullying by tackling the root issues and support those who are impacted. This ranges from digital support one-to-ones to working with well-known brands on campaigns to positively influence society.

The stand-up Foundation

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The Stand-Up Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term effects of bullying. Having raised funds for over 43 bullying charities since 2012, the foundation supports those doing the work to eradicate bullying and connects communities to work together on making a change.

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