Celebrating the IC Family - Dan's Mum Carol!

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This kit is an iconic style, adapted and bought to life for our 20th year to celebrate someone who is, and always has been, an incredible inspiration to Irregular Choice, Dan’s Mum!

Dan didn't study design academically but learnt everything he knows about designing footwear from his mum Carol, from a very young age.

A successful shoe designer herself in the 80s and 90s, Carol created this style when Dan was just a child. In fact, the ‘Thick Slice’ version is exactly what Dan wore to school (though not in the arresting colour combos we have to offer now!).


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Footwear runs the in Sullivan family, with both Dan's parents designing shoes for their brand Transport, before Dan's mum launched another brand, Chaos Creators in the early '90s.

When Irregular Choice was born, Dan made all the sample developments himself in China. As the collection quickly expanded this became difficult to manage so Carol moved to Asia to make Dan's samples, living between China and Taiwan for over 10 years being the irregular Choice shoe elf!


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Dan rediscovered his Mum's shoe while moving in 2016 and wanted to bring it back to celebrate her enormous contribution to making Irregular Choice what it is today.

What better time than in our 20th year! We know you’ll love this funky, chunky soled shoe in all its new guises and the part it's played in Irregular Choice history!

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