Irregular Choice Graphics Over The Years

As we are launching the first of our Spring Summer 15 styles this week we thought it would be nice to introduce you to our brand new graphics for the season as well as a look back at our old ones.Which season was your favourite?   

Cat Heels!

Back in 2014 Irregular Choice released a collection of Cat themed heels which took the world by storm. Selling out in moments. As much as the cat heels style is no longer available we have plenty of Cat themed shoes available to wet every cat lovers appetite.TAKE A LOOK AT OUR PUURRFECT CAT COLLECTION HERE See all cat themed products at the link

Gillian Parks Irregular Choice Paintings

Artist and Irregular Choice fan Gillian Park has kindly painted some of her Irregular Collection for us in beautiful pastel and water colours which we feel you had to see!Gillian had not painted for 20 years, but after receiving a pair of ‘Head over Heels’ *First Picture* she immediately picked up the paint brush and produced these wonderfu

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