sams fight for life and living

Dan Sullivan is Running the 10K on 25th May 2015 for Sams Fight

The owner and designer of Irregular Choice Dan Sullivan is running the 10K on 25th May 2015 for Sam's treatment.In Dan's words - "I am running the 10k on 25th May 2015 to raise money for my amazing friend Samantha Beaven""Sam is a young mum of two beautiful little girls, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she went into prema

Irregular Choice Join the Fight for Sam

// Choice is raising money for a close friend of the Irregular Choice Team; Samantha Beaven, so she can go abroad to get the cancer treatment she desperately needs. Sam was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer which has now spread to her brain. Sam is only 29 years old and has 2 very young children and is de

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