woohoo A/W 09 is on its way

How exciting,  a selection of our fantabulous A/W 09 collection has nearly walked itself off the boat and shall be running to our new website offices forthwith.  We can't wait to open up the boxes and our eyes shall sparkle with glee, it is always as exciting for us to see it as it is for all our wonderful fans.

We shall shortly be sending out details of an exciting new VIP area on the site where you will be able to preview some of the collection before anyone else, so all IC members keep an eye out for a mail from us.

Love and glittery socks

Irregular xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “woohoo A/W 09 is on its way”

  • Sabrina

    Super cool!

    Could you do me a favour? I would like more shoes with medium heel. I love all your models but 8 cm is too high, i cannot wear that all day! 4-5 cm is my favourite heel...

    Thank you!

  • admin

    hello Sabrina
    we do have low and medium heels too. We hope you find something you love in AW09

  • Jessica

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...I NEED the USA site!!!!! I want shoes and lots of them!!!!

    When will us Americans be able to buy some HOT shoes????

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