Staff Shoe Stories - Amy Beckwith

Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand. This week we have an extra special entry from a member of Staff working at Irregular Choice!

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Amy's Story-Amy

Hello! I am Amy I work on all the online marketing for Irregular Choice. I have been working for the brand nearly 5 years now and initially started off as a Christmas Temp in the Irregular Choice Brighton Store!

I first found Irregular Choice when I was about 12 years old. One day I was walking through the local shopping centre with my mum on my way to some boring clothes shop when I spotted something magical in Schuh's window. A small collection of wonderful rainbow magic hidden behind a vast expanse of black and brown leather. I was immediately hooked. Every time we went shopping I HAD to run in the store and look in awe at the latest pairs of Irregular Choice shoes. Each time I would plead my mum to buy me a pair. But there was no way my mum was spending money on a pair of heels for a 13 year old who's feet were still growing. I had to wait and endure the world of bland trainers and school shoes until my time would come.

I started my first job around my 16th birthday, in a shoe shop who are known specifically for their wonderful range of black and brown leather conservative work shoes. Ironically I would spend every pay check on bright and colourful

Amy's Meteoria boots

Irregular Choice shoes. My first pair were a pair of ICED Trainers called "Meteora" which had lightning bolts down the side. They made me feel like a bad ass space girl from the future! I've worn them to death but I refuse to throw them away!

During one of my monthly visits to the Brighton Store to pick up another pair for my collection and drain all my weekend job money I noticed a sign in the window asking for a christmas temp to join the team for the seasonal period. I HAD to apply, I never thought I would get it but what did I have to loose!

Since working for Irregular Choice my collection has BOOMED! It's just too tempting! You are surrounded by shoes all the time! I think I must have around 40 pairs now from all collections. I have flats, to trainers, to skyscraper heels... not forgetting bags, clothes and accessories too.


Mirror Mirror and Flop flip Mirror Mirror and Flop Flip


I think my favourite pairs are my Big Momma boots which I wear pretty much every single day. ( I bought 2 pairs in black because I wanted to have them forever and not worry about wearing them out). Another of my favourite pairs are my "Mirror Mirror" boots and "Flop Flip" heels because they are so cool with their little planets and clouds and paper aeroplanes on the side and they have a lower heel which makes them super comfortable.


Oh Ello and One Lump Or Tw0 One Lump Or Two and Oh Ello

When it comes to my heels and crazier styles it has to be my "Oh Ello" Wedges which were the first pair of shoes I bought when I started working at Irregular Choice and my "One Lump or Two" heels from the Alice in Wonderland Collection,  THEY HAVE A PLATFORM THAT LOOKS LIKE CAKE!!!

I love Irregular Choice for so many reasons, I love the colours the fabrics, the designs, the affordability compared to other brands that try and do the same... But its all about the revolutionary designs and ideas that come bursting out of Dan Sullivan's head. Every season you are in for a surprise. There is alway something new, something fresh to wow you and inspire you.

Irregular Choice changed my life. Not only do I now have a fabulous wardrobe full of fabulous shoes, but I also have a fabulous career. Not forgetting my wonderful Irregular Family I have gained too!

Amy's Collection