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Something special is coming!

Fabulous festive Santa heels and super sweet Squirrel heels are coming!Prepare for something special! Choose between super cute squirrels with fluffy tummies and little crochet acorn trinket details or maybe some kitch Santa heels are more your your thing? These beauties are full of surprises, but you will have to wait and see to find out what mag

Your Choice Of The Week - Cinderella Special...

You may have noticed on our home page that there is an image feed of incredible fan photos. Each week we try and choose our favourite pictures from social media and share them with all our lovely visitors.To have your chance to be included on our special "Your Choice" fan feed all you have to do is tag your images with the hashtag #Irregu

The Truly Magical Disney Cinderella Collection Is Here!

Gracefully glide with us into our beautiful fairytale kingdom full of glitter, oversized bows, and amazing embroidered embellishments… Our truly magical Disney Cinderella collection. Out now in stores and #Cinderella #irregularChoiceOur stores are now taking telephone orders for th

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