Don't be a drag just be a queen!

C’mon Irregular Choice – don't be a drag just be a queen!

Secure that lace front, slide into that ‘sequence’ dress and pummel the runway. We’ve matched iconic Drag Race LEWKS to this seasons most spectacular styles – don’t worry, we bring it to you every ball!!

Raja (Season 3) - Marie Antoinette Realness – Abigail’s 3rd Party
Embrace your inner Antoinette and let them eat cake, HUNTY!

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The first queen to really serve FASHION, here Raja references Vivienne Westwood’s S/S90 ‘Portrait’ collection but amps up the revolutionary glamour with a powdered face, pompadour wig and pretty pink fan.

3081-06ca_1 (1)

Katya (Season 7) - Death Becomes Her
- Carpe Diem/Mr Shark-O
Mother, she’s dressed as a Sea Captain againnnnn!

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Katya, a stuffed shark and a glitter bodysuit – everything you need in life in one image.



Vanessa Vangie Mateo (Season 10) – Drag On A Dime – Angelica Pearson
Get dem cookies, baby!

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Behead some Barbies, strap on a bath puff and become a media sensation. Match your shoes to your ‘dress’ and strut your way to stardom. When it comes to Miss Vanjieeeeeeeee, more is always more.

Valentina (Season 9) – White Runway
– Beryl Blossom
You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you look like a model!

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Take your rightful place as fan favourite. You shan’t be read on the runway for wearing nude heels – do it right in ‘Beryl Blossom’ in white. You’ll want to keep them on, please.

Shea Coulee (Season 9) – Fur Runway
– Tip Toe
You didn’t come to play, you came to SLAY!

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A bit 80s. A bit neon. 100% fashion. Face your fears and be bold – you’ll look so good, it’s damn near sinful!

Kameron Michaels (Season 10) – Hats Amazing – Major Tom
Space, space, space ... serving space, beauty space!

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Strap on your spacesuit and take flight. Flashing lights, holographic heel and star embellishments – the perfect space oddity.

This week's guest post from our very own Oh Reinette at Irregular Choice!

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