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Whoopi Goldberg wears the Irregular Choice Bunny heels on The View

Whoopi promoted Irregular Choice on The View today on ABC, wearing the bunny heel, Thumper.They had a special edition called 'Whoopi's Shoe Corner' and she said Irregular Choice is so wonderful because we do larger sizes and are comfortable. 

Danny Sullivan visits Whoopi Goldberg at The View

The creator and founder of Irregular Choice Danny Sullivan has made a special trip over to New York this week to see our favourite celebrity fan, Whoopi Goldberg!Whoopi, who has quite a collection of Irregular Choice personally invited Danny to visit her on this recent trip on the set of her popular chat show The View. She will be giving him a behi

Whoopi Goldberg storms off her show in Irregular Choice heels

Irregular Choice fan, Whoopi Goldberg wore another pair of her recent purchases from our New York store on her US Talk Show The View.Yesterday after an argument with Bill O'Reilly live on the show she stormed off in her Irregular Choice Low Level Danger heels with the lights in the heels flashing all the way off stage!To view the clip visit the cli

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